DNDIDrugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
DNDIDo Not Disturb, Individual (computing)
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We are very excited about the possibility of a new treatment against this terrible and neglected condition", said Dr Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft, Medical Director of DNDi.
We need to build on the experience and progress of the past twenty years and give new impetus to research and development for new health tools to accelerate the elimination of river blindness in targeted countries of Africa , explains Dr Bernard Pecoul, Executive Director of DNDi.
Today a new oral-only treatment is being tested by DNDi in remote areas of Africa, in trials that are of international standards.
The results obtained have allowed DNDi to proceed to the next stage of fexinidazole's development, with a quick registration being a primary goal.
DNDi hopes to investigate and develop less toxic, more effective, and more practical treatments adapted to patient needs.
According to the DND Working Group, the DNDI, should it be created, will differ from market-driven drug development in two critical respects: it will be guided by a clear focus on the most neglected diseases and it will be driven by need rather than return on investment.
DNDi and Takeda consider that short-course oral administration of the drug is effective for the treatment, and therefore it is expected to be a novel drug which will be different from the existing therapeutics for VL.
Neena Valecha, Scientist F, NIMR, Delhi, participated in the (i) World Antimalarial Resistance Network Meeting at Paris; (ii) DNDi FACT Advisory Group Meeting and WHO Technical Expert Group Meeting at Geneva; and (ii) Meeting Focused on the \Choice of the Best Drug(s) to be combined with Tafenoquine at Oxford (April 16-19, 22 & 23-25 and 29, 2008 respectively).
With antimalarial drug resistance becoming a global challenge, patients in malaria-endemic countries need inexpensive, efficacious, field-adapted drugs," said Sanofi-Aventis and DNDI in a press statement.
Project objectives : As one of the leading Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) worldwide, DNDi is acting in the public interest and to respond to patients needs to develop and provide access to treatments for neglected tropical diseases that primarily affect the poor and marginalised populations worldwide.
Under the terms of the agreement, DNDi shall retain sole responsibility for the clinical development to assess the safety and efficacy of E1224, which is a pro-drug of ravuconazole, in patients with Chagas disease within endemic countries.
RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY II-90 GSK Forms Joint Venture with Biological E to Develop Pediatric Vaccine II-90 Novartis Discontinues JV with Panacea Biotec II-90 GSK Inks a Joint Venture with Biological E II-90 Nuron Biotech Inks Licensing agreement with Mitsubishi Tanabe II-90 DNDi Collaborates with Cipla For Development of 4-in-1 Pediatric Drug II-90 Merz Acquires CUVPOSA Oral Solution II-90 9.