DNDODomestic Nuclear Detection Office (TSA)
DNDODo Not Disturb Override
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On August 26, 2014, IBC entered into an inter-agency agreement with DHS to provide financial system implementation support services for three components: DNDO, TSA, and Coast Guard.
The DNDO was separated out of DHS' Science and Technology Directorate in 2005 specifically to tackle the radiation portal problem.
The DNDO is the federal government entity responsible for implementing domestic nuclear detection efforts for managed and coordinated detection and response to radiological and nuclear threats.
The Domestic Nuclear Detection Offices mission is to protect the Nation against the malicious use of nuclear and other radioactive materials, said DNDOs Acting Director Dr.
DNDO and the Office of Health Affairs (OHA) were both created largely from elements of the S&T Directorate.
DHS efforts to prevent the smuggling of nuclear and radiological materials into the United States through gaps DNDO identified in developing the nuclear detection architecture remain largely developmental since GAO's 2009 report.
Created in April 2005 as a part of the DHS, the DNDO is charged with improving the federal government's nuclear and radiological capabilities and technologies.
The DNDO continues to tap our unique and highly specialized materials research expertise to develop technology for critical homeland security applications," said Peter Sulick, Dynasil's Chairman of the Board, Interim Chief Executive Officer and President.
DHS, through DNDO, responsible for coordinating federal efforts within
In order to minimize flight deviations for international general aviation traffic from Canada and Mexico, our [DNDO] proposed concept would pair the international gateway airports with a complementary network of domestic gateway airports," said Charles Galloway, acting director of DNDO, at a House Homeland Security transportation security and infrastructure protection subcommittee heating.
Bill's senior technical background and DNDO experience are invaluable strengths that enhance the Board's ability to guide Dynasil along a strategic path that best serves the interest of shareholders," said Dynasil Chairman Peter Sulick, the Company's Interim Chief Executive Officer and President.
DNDO was directed to develop, in coordination with the departments of Defense (DOD), Energy (DOE), and State (State), a global strategy for nuclear detection--a system of radiation detection equipment and interdiction activities domestically and abroad.