DNDODomestic Nuclear Detection Office (TSA)
DNDODo Not Disturb Override
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The DNDO was separated out of DHS' Science and Technology Directorate in 2005 specifically to tackle the radiation portal problem.
DHS efforts to prevent the smuggling of nuclear and radiological materials into the United States through gaps DNDO identified in developing the nuclear detection architecture remain largely developmental since GAO's 2009 report.
AMETEK is one of five companies to receive DNDO awards totaling $113 million to develop handheld and backpack Human Portable Radiation Detection Systems.
With helium-3, the gold standard for neutron detection, now in critically short supply, our technology leadership positions us to assist the DNDO in its mission to enhance the nation's nuclear and radiological materials detection capabilities.
DNDO has made some progress in strengthening radiation detection capabilities to address critical gaps and vulnerabilities in combating nuclear smuggling, which include the land border area between ports of entry into the United States, aviation, and small maritime vessels.
The DNDO is leading the group that is crafting the message, Oxford said.
ManTech will continue to assist DNDO in acquiring and supporting the deployment of systems that detect and report attempts to import or transport a nuclear device, fissile or radiological material intended for illicit use in the U.
The DNDO continues to tap our highly specialized materials research expertise to develop technology for critical homeland security applications," said Peter Sulick, Dynasil's Chairman of the Board, Interim Chief Executive Officer and President.
This is a very important opportunity for us to work with DHS through DNDO in support of its significant mission.
In October 2006, Congress enacted the SAFE Port Act, which made DNDO responsible for the development, testing, acquisition and deployment of a system to detect radiation at U.
When asked if the credibility of the recently formed DNDO was at stake, he said, "The department is on the hook, of course, with the appropriations bill to produce [results.
The start work follows award from DNDO of a Basic Purchasing Agreement and a first task order valued at approximately $40M and covering 2.