DNFBDischarged Not Final Billed (hospitals)
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Reg] cells to suppress contact hypersensitivity responses initiated by DNFB [9].
Reg] cell numbers and function prior to sensitization with DNFB, and so these findings are independent of skin inflammation induced by the irritant.
Animals were initially sensitized with 50 [micro]l of 1% DNFB dissolved in acetone/olive oil 1:1 on the shaved abdominal skin of recipients.
A second group (PSE) was exposed to sidestream smoke for the first time on the day they were sensitized (DO), whereas a third group (PCE) wasn't exposed to sidestream smoke until the day they were challenged with DNFB (D5).
System to Decrease DNFB by 3-5 Days, Increase Revenues and Efficiencies; Dolbey to Demo Fusion CAC Powered by EMscribe at AHIMA
Product: eWebCoding is a Web based application for remote coding of medical records Hospitals can send their own coders home for a strategic advantage in recruitment, retention and reduced DNFB.
I really believe that Optio's solutions will improve our DNFB status," said Senger.
With Precyse now in place, we report monthly benchmarking data and are refining workflows to reduce our DNFB.
We strive to help our client hospitals minimize their DNFB levels by providing superior quality work while maintaining solid productivity.