DNFSBDefense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (US DoE)
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We are at the most critical moment in nuclear history since the Cuban Missile Crisis - and now is prime time to strengthen, rather than abolish or curtail, agencies such as the DNFSB.
My experiences speak clearly to the absolute need to keep the DNFSB engaged in its significant role insisting on transparency and regulating safe operations at all eight U.
The DNFSB is an independent body of expert board members and staff created by Congress in 1988 to conduct safety reviews at DOE nuclear facilities and offer public recommendations to the president and secretary of Energy periodically on important projects and procedures needed to ensure workers and the public are protected from dangerous nuclear materials.
The DNFSB is integral to providing oversight to keep workers and the community safe, and if the board believes more safety reviews will protect public safety, then Congress needs to know so that we can consider additional funds.
I will continue to fight in the Senate to assure the DNFSB has the resources it needs to provide the critical oversight and transparency essential to maintain public confidence.
Many of those tanks contain enough trapped gas that safe conditions could be exceeded if the gas were spontaneously released either in normal operations or during an accident, DNFSB said.
DNFSB noted that it had raised issues relating to the "safety analyses for accident scenarios" for dealing with flammable gases in an Aug.