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DNGDouble Negative
DNGDegrassi: the Next Generation (TV show)
DNGDelaware National Guard (Wilmington, DE)
DNGDigital News Gathering (video media)
DNGDeutsche Numismatische Gesellschaft
DNGDigital Negative Graphics (Adobe digital photo format)
DNGData Not Guesswork
DNGDebutanized Natural Gasoline
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But if raw photography catches on with dozens or even hundreds of new mobile phone models, DNG will make it much easier for photo-editing software to support those phones.
Using iSRD, SilverFast's automatic dust and scratch removal, additional data from the scanner's infrared channel is directly written into the RAW data formats DNG (or HDRI).
Sarasota Ballet hadn't planned DNG as a way to recruit dancers, but after her fourth year in the program they transferred Zehr into the company school.
She can do it," says DNG program director Lisa Townsend, who attended Juilliard herself.
Batch processing of RAW files, to JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or PSD formats can now be done in the background without launching the main Photoshop executable.
The trucking industry is the backbone of our nation's economy, and Peake Fuel Solutions' DNG technology can help the industry slash its biggest cost -- fuel," said Kent Wilkinson, Vice President - Natural Gas Ventures, Chesapeake.
DNG was selected as the private industry partner by the County through a competitive bid process.
Estate agents DNG put the average cost of a home in Dublin now at [euro]349,000 - up [euro]71,000 since the same time last year.
According to Peta Pixel, the Android L OS will offer native RAM support particularly DNG support.
com)-- Swiss software publisher Axel Rietschin Software Developments released an updated version of its FastPictureViewer Codec Pack product, a Microsoft Windows add-in enabling users to display raw images from more than 350 digital camera models, as well as Adobe DNG and Adobe Photoshop documents, directly from Windows Explorer without launching a dedicated application.
5, along with the DNG Profile Editor for the community to test and create their own profiles.
NORTHUMBERLAND: MJ Symington-capt (Norton), GD Bridge, G Stewart, A Worthy (Blaydon); DNG Myers (Benwell Hill); A.