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DNIDirector of National Intelligence
DNIDocumento Nacional de Identidad (Spanish: National Identity Document; various nations)
DNIDo not Interrupt
DNIDirect Normal Irradiation (renewable energy)
DNIDistributable Net Income
DNIDirector of Naval Intelligence
DNIDo Not Intubate
DNIDirect Normal Irradiance
DNIDrexel Nanotechnology Institute (Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
DNIDo Not Increase
DNIDefensa de Niñas y Niños Internacional (Spanish)
DNIDigital Network Intelligence (computer network analysis)
DNIDo Not Install (electronic circuit board parts bill of materials & schematics for )
DNIDialed Number Identification
DNIDigital Network Interface
DNIDirect Neural Interface
DNIDesktop Network Interface
DNIDavid Nicholas International (cosmetic training facility; Rowley, MA)
DNIDECnet Network Interface
DNIData Network Interface
DNIDo Not Implement
DNIDunedin North Intermediate (school; New Zealand)
DNIDo Not Inventory
DNIDigital NATO Interface
DNIDistributed Net Income
DNIData Non-incorporation
DNIDigital Negotiation Information Signal
DNIDynamic Network Interface
DNIDo Not Implant (medical devices)
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The more transparency we can provide to the American people, to people of nations that see this threat coming, the better off we will be, DNI Coats continued.
The DNI study observes the ten main destinations for Argentine exports over the last year.
Similarly, for net investment income purposes, DNI that is distributed to a beneficiary is included in the beneficiary's net investment income, and is subject to the NIIT.
In his first six months as DNI president, Perrette finalized the $800 million acquisition of super-indie shingle All3Media in a joint venture with Liberty Global (itself a Discovery stockholder) and upped Discovery's investment in sports net Eurosport to 51% from 20%.
Generally, capital gains are excluded from DNI to the extent they are allocated to corpus and are not paid, credited, or required to be distributed to any beneficiary during the tax year (Sec.
Hidayat said the companies were established in 1995, when DNI allowed PMA to invest and expand production.
The log-rolling and infighting that produced the unwieldy DNI structure is explained in a fascinating new book, "Blinking Red," by Michael Allen, former staff director of the House intelligence committee and now with Beacon Global Strategies.
the DNI budget formulation process and appropriations procedures to
In addition, the company's systems are resistant to energy losses in high temperatures and achieve passive cooling without water consumption, offering competitive advantages in regions with high DNI such as northern Chile.
This 6x60 series - commissioned by Julian Bellamy, Creative Director and Head of Production & Development, DNI, and Sarah Davies, Vice President of Development, Factual Programming, DNI - will air on Discovery Channel internationally, available in 217 markets across the world including Asia-Pacific.
Furthermore, it also found that places with DNI values of 2,000 kWh per sq m per year were found to be economically most feasible.