DNMSDevelopmental Needs Meeting Strategy (psychotherapy)
DNMSDelayed Non-Matching to Sample Task (neurobiology test for memory deficits)
DNMSDistributed Network Management System
DNMSDelayed Neutron Monitoring Subsystem
DNMSDynamic Network Management System (US DoD)
DNMSDoes Not Make Sense
DNMSDigital Network Management System (public safety communications interoperability)
DNMSDhyan Network Management System (storage network management)
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1999) have designed a DNMS task for infants in which the infants do not displace stimuli to receive rewards, but the objects used as stimuli themselves are the reward.
Work on adapting DNMS to handle the requirements of New York and New England began in March of 1998 and consisted primarily of providing support for the Newbridge network elements that are in place throughout the formeantic has chosen to deploy its DNMS in New Yorktuation, and we're proud that our product is being used by a major service provider in the competitive North American marketplace.
TCSI is at 1080 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA, 945s are subject to a number of risks and uncertaiications platform in its deployment of DNMS as currently expected.