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DNRDo Not Resuscitate
DNRDepartment of Natural Resources
DNRDigital Noise Reduction
DNRDo Not Remove
DNRDo Not Reply
DNRDynamic Noise Reduction
DNRDomain Name Registration
DNRDotnetRocks (.NET software radio show)
DNRDeutsche Naturschutzring (German: German Nature Ring)
DNRDid Not Report
DNRDo Not Remember (adoption)
DNRDo Not Reduce
DNRDo Not Reproduce
DNRDomain Name Resolver
DNRDialed Number Recorder
DNRDo Not Revert (Ciena)
DNRDo Not Revive (less common)
DNRDry Natural Rubber
DNRDo Not Refrigerate
DNRDynamic Network Routing
DNRDrive Not Ready (computer error)
DNRDepartment of National Revenue (Canadian)
DNRDrop And Run (medical)
DNRDirector Naval Reserves
DNRDistance-To-Noise Ratio
DNRDepartment of Naval Research
DNRDo Not Reorder
DNRDiazonaphthoquinone Novalac Resist
DNRDigital Network Radio
DNRData Network Redesign
DNRDundee Newtyle Railway
DNRDirector of Naval Reactors (US Navy)
DNRData Network Report
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Monthly meetings, however, were only attended by MAC members and the DNR planning personnel who provided process coordination.
The doctors and his parents hence agreed on a DNR order for Tom in case of cardiac arrest again.
DNR is responsible for preventing and fighting wildfires on 12.
Nixon is asking the court to issue an injunction that orders the defendants to comply with the Missouri Solid Waste Management Law, properly and legally dispose of all scrap tires at the site within 90 days of the court's judgment and submit proof of the disposal to the DNR.
Even though none of the H11-positive study participants had received influenza vaccine within the previous 3 years, the 2 positive DNR workers also showed reactivity by microneutralization assay to avian subtype H2N2.
Also, emergency cardiac care (ECC) is a separate issue from CPR, yet it, too, was inappropriately limited under the DNR status.
The mere fact that one family hesitates to consent to withholding cardiopulmonary resuscitation when the order is called a DNR, while another family quickly yields when the order is called an AND, should not automatically count in favor of the AND terminology.
On the contrary, natural rubber vulcanizates (Table 1), over a range from 10 to 40 phr (parts per 100 parts rubber) DNR loading, maintain a constant tensile strength while exhibiting an increase in the elongation at break and a decrease in the 100% modulus (Fig.
The Disability Rights Commission is claiming that the failure to discuss the sensitive issue of DNR notices in advance is particularly worrying for disabled people who go into hospital.
Develop an advance directive and DNR policy and procedure; educate staff accordingly.
be reviewed to note if significant public interest in the project exists and whether a public hearing is warranted," said DNR management engineer Jeffery Johnson.
There was no overall association between adjusted rates of DNR orders and in-hospital mortality, but the hospitals that used DNR more frequently had significantly lower rates of death among those patients who did have a DNR order.