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DNRDo Not Resuscitate
DNRDepartment of Natural Resources
DNRDigital Noise Reduction
DNRDo Not Remove
DNRDo Not Reply
DNRDynamic Noise Reduction
DNRDomain Name Registration
DNRDotnetRocks (.NET software radio show)
DNRDeutsche Naturschutzring (German: German Nature Ring)
DNRDid Not Report
DNRDo Not Remember (adoption)
DNRDo Not Reduce
DNRDo Not Reproduce
DNRDomain Name Resolver
DNRDialed Number Recorder
DNRDo Not Revert (Ciena)
DNRDo Not Revive (less common)
DNRDry Natural Rubber
DNRDo Not Refrigerate
DNRDynamic Network Routing
DNRDrive Not Ready (computer error)
DNRDepartment of National Revenue (Canadian)
DNRDrop And Run (medical)
DNRDirector Naval Reserves
DNRDistance-To-Noise Ratio
DNRDepartment of Naval Research
DNRDo Not Reorder
DNRDiazonaphthoquinone Novalac Resist
DNRDigital Network Radio
DNRData Network Redesign
DNRDundee Newtyle Railway
DNRDirector of Naval Reactors (US Navy)
DNRData Network Report
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The authors found that patients with DNR received less mechanical ventilation, fewer radiological investigations and had fewer medications prescribed.
However, when DNR officials returned Sunday, the animal was no longer under the tree.
I also have issues with the DNR's annual deer-hunter surveys that never seem to ask the right questions, the DNR's robust rules and regulations that appear too complicated and the possibility that the DNR will change the start date for Michigan's annual firearms deer season.
DNR orders are a fairly new concept in Rwanda and the practice of DNR orders in ICU is very demanding for the staff, especially the ICU nurses.
The details of the outcome were the family members of a critically ill patient who signed DNR or not when the patient expired.
But as they tried to save him, a colleague pointed out the DNR in his notes and they stopped.
They have accused the DNR of serving more as an advocate for the coal industry instead of protecting the public, a charge denied by the agency.
Maryland: DNR, Wildlife & Heritage Service, (410) 260-8540, www.
The American Nurses Association (ANA) "Position Statement on Nursing Care and Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Decisions" (2003) addresses the duty nurses have in educating patients and families on the realities of CPR and DNR, as well as helping them gain access to explicit DNR discussions with physicians.
The second section consisted of 6 questions regarding general content knowledge of the DNR protocol.
Prior to developing the MMRP, the DNR was required to form a Moose Advisory Committee (MAC).
The consent for the DNR Advanced Directive can be received either from the individual, a person acting at the request of the individual, or "from the individual's legal guardian, agent under a power of attorney for health care, or surrogate decision maker.