DOASDivision of Administrative Services (various locations)
DOASDepartment of Administrative Services
DOASDifferential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
DOASDeath of A Salesman (book/play)
DOASDifferential Optical Absorption Spectrometer
DOASDefault Option-Adjusted Spread
DOASDedicated Outdoor/Outside Air System (HVAC)
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He interpreted these recommendations to mean 'something was wrong with the DOAS and clearly, something was wrong with the men behind the DOAS
For this project, the selected system is an underfloor air-distribution system with DOAS and recirculating air towers with chilled water coils to distribute air to the access floor supply plenum.
Esta tecnica de espectroscopia UV (como tambien la del DOAS pasivo) elimina el problema de tener que alinear de forma precisa el espectrometro con respecto a la fuente de luz (Oppenheimer et al.
The simulation model includes an equation fit WSHP model, DOAS as well as circulation pump and vertical ground heat exchanger models.
Site #11 had all its gas equipment, including an oven operation, monitored in addition to the RTU, DOAS, and UH operations.
Although the DOAS idea is just now gaining acceptance in the building community, the concept has been around for more than a decade.
Appropriate setpoints for the floor and DOAS systems should prevent condensation from occurring in many cases.
The DOAS units operate 24/7 to accommodate critical lab uses, but their flow rate is varied according to occupancy sensor input.
As shown in Figure 7a, the measured cooling coil load of WSHP and DOAS were compared to the simulated data calculated using EnergyPlus.
The Mitsubishi Electric DOAS is a system designed to supply outdoor ventilation air to a building independent of the HVAC air distribution or conditioning system.
Over the last decade, DOAS has evolved to meet the ventilation challenges of urban buildings.
The complainants said the EMB in 2006 procured DOAS stations from Electrobyte, an exclusive distributor of DOAS in the Philippines, without any market research or study.