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DOCSISData over Cable Service Interface Specification
DOCSISData Over Cable System Interface Spectrum (cable internet; various locations)
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These exciting new offerings will immediately benefit from the rollout of DOCSIS 3.
ADC has been working with Broadcom since the release of their DOCSIS 2.
Including A-TDMA as a feature addition to our DOCSIS 1.
The TJ 715x is a key component of Terayon's end-to-end DOCSIS 2.
The new DOCSIS ICs, together with the company's recently announced advanced high-definition STB video decoders, provide cable operators and manufacturers with a complete family of scalable solutions that can be used in a wide range of next-generation cable STBs and data access devices.
With optional GPS traceability, redundant clock cards, redundant power supplies and an NTP Server option, TimeCreator 1000 is a fundamental part of a cable operator's headend or hub network deploying M-CMTS, DOCSIS 3.
Designed to meet the multichannel DOCSIS RF interface specification (DOCSIS DRFI), it offers the best RF performance and most cost competitive advantage in the industry today.
NEW YORK -- On August 4th, CableLabs approved a preliminary specification for DOCSIS 3.
24 MHz clock and DOCSIS timestamp to the M-CMTS core and the edge QAM.
Needless to say, these specifications advance our competitive position in the IP space," added Werner, who is chairman of the DOCSIS Business Team at CableLabs.
The Cisco 815 Cable ISR is a fixed-configuration router with a single F connector for DOCSIS connectivity, four 10/100 Ethernet ports, and industry-leading security and routing capabilities.
As the largest provider of cable broadband in Scandinavia, TDC Kabel TV is conducting field trials of the wideband protocol for DOCSIS solution with Cisco to prepare our network for the upcoming DOCSIS 3.