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DoDDepartment of Defense (US government)
DODDirect Outward Dial(ing)
DODDay of Defeat (WWII half-life modification)
DODDate Of Death (geneaological term)
DODDereliction of Duty
DODDrop On Demand
DODDepth Of Discharge
DODDrug Overdose
DODDate of Delivery
DODDirector Of Development
DODDo Or Die
DODDate Of Discharge (US military)
DODDial on Demand
DODDisplacement on Demand (automotive technology)
DODDevelopmental Orthopedic Disease
DODDepartment of Death (Grim Fandango)
DODDenizens of Doom (motorcycle club)
DODDay of Doom
DODDownstream on Demand
DoDDungeons of Doom (NetHack)
DODDecade of Disturbed (band video)
DODDealers of Death (gaming clan)
DODDistribution on Demand
DODDomain of Definition
DODDomestic Object Damage
DODDen of Demons
DoDDEM (digital elevation model) of Difference
DODDissolved Oxygen Demand
DODDiana of Dallas
DoDDraft on Demand
DODDiablone (gaming clan)
DODDriver on Demand (Linux)
DODDomain of Doom (website)
DODDivision of Ophthalmic Devices (Center for Devices and Radiological Health; US FDA)
DODDepth Over Diameter (gravity fluid flow in a pipe)
DODDance of Death (Iron Maiden album)
DODDisciples of Divx (gaming guild)
DODDream of Doll (Korea)
DODDear Old Dad
DODDelivery of Deed
DODDied Of Disease
DODDigital On Demand
DODDivision of Design (various locations)
DODDay Out of Days (also seen as DOOD; film industry)
DODDay of Destruction (various meanings)
DODDiscoveries of the Deep (Old submarine game)
DODDirection of Departure
DODDécor Ouest Distribution (French: Distribution Western Decor)
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The RMF expands upon what IT is included in the process; requires all DoD IS and PIT systems be categorized in accordance with Committee on National Security Systems Instruction 1253; requires assessment and authorization of DoD IS and PIT systems; adopts NIST's RMF used by civil and intelligence communities; provides clarity regarding the IT that should undergo the RMF process and how; supports and promotes enterprise-level authorization of IT systems and services; embeds the RMF steps and activities in the DoD acquisition lifecycle; and strengthens enterprise-wide IT governance.
Recommendation: To assist DOD with management of the CRAF program, and to strengthen the effectiveness of the critical partnership between DOD and the U.
Overall, the Portal improves government-to-government as well as government-to-business communication within the DoD and the larger government communities.
The DoD processes evolved due to several factors, some of which can win instant sympathy from the reader as being not only reasonably justified, but critically important.
The DOD owns more than 10% of the 1,240 sites currently on the National Priorities List, and has estimated the cost of cleaning up these sites at approximately $9.
To insure that all relevant employees are fully trained in this area, the Office of the Deputy to the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) for Policy Support (DTUSD(P)(PS) has developed a course of instruction that covers the practical application of relevant law, executive orders, and DoD policies on this subject.
Acores Foods L1c, 272 Irish Way, Pismo Beach, 93449: DoD for Food Service Contractors (NAICS 722310) $128,000; DoD for Food Service Contractors (NAICS 722310) $44,000; DoD for Electromedical And Electrotherapeut (NAICS 334510) $49,000
Federal Practitioner Directory of VA and DOD Healthcare Facilities.
Given the mystery ailments veterans were reporting, and our knowledge of Iraq's chemical weapon stockpile, why was DOD so adamant that troops couldn't have been exposed?
Developing a better alarm for chemical agents is a top DOD priority, the agency's Mitchel Wallerstein testified.
Regardless of cuts and threats to the DoD set-aside program, GD officials express a firm commitment to their minority vending goals.
The DoD ABIS system is expected to be critical in providing accurate and fast identification of individuals in the field as part of the global war on terrorism.