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DODSDay of Defeat Source (WWII Half-Life modification)
DODSDistributed Oceanographic Data System (format independent system for transmitting data over the internet.)
DODSDesign of a Distributed Document System Based Oda
DODSDistributed Ocean Data System (internet database; now Open Source Project for Network Data Access Protocol)
DODSData Object Design Studio
DODSDrill-Orbital Discharge System (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE; anime series)
DODSDeep Ocean Disposal Site (dredge material disposal)
DODSDover Operatic and Dramatic Society (Kent, UK)
DODSDifferent Orbitals for Different Spins
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Chairman Ernst then asked Assistant Secretary Rapuano to provide additional details on the DoDs strategy for countering WMDs.
However, the plan was foiled when Dods preferred a trip to the supermarket, and he didn't want to let his plan slip.
Dods said: "We have given lots of teams problems this season but we just can't seem to get that rub of the green and get the goal or the vital win our play has merited.
Following the transaction, the group will be launching Dods Social Intelligence.
After Kiwi Bay's 13th win at the last meeting, Dods knows all about the value of course specialists so Vindicator may well have most to fear from Ronnie Barr's Midnight Warrior, a three-time course and distance winner.
I thought the course was in great order," said Dods.
Dods beleives there's no way Rangers will take their feet off the gas, despite having nothing left to play for.
Mr Dods also has 220 acres of cereals and 100 acres of potatoes.
We have these three seven-furlong horses and there are not many races over that trip around," said Dods.
A dull match finally came to life just before the interval when Paul Quinn made a crucial block from Dods.
Jane Dods of Springfield is retired, but hardly retiring.