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DOEDepartment Of Energy (US)
DOEDepartment of Education (US)
DOEDepending On Experience (jobs & classified ads)
DOEDepartment Of Ecology
DOEDiário Oficial do Estado (Portugese: Official State Gazette; Brazil)
DOEDesign Of Experiment
DOEDepartment of the Environment
DOEDividends on Equity
DOEDirector of Environment (various locations)
DOEDyspnea On Exertion
DOEDepartment of Expenditure (India)
DOEDiario Oficial de Extremadura (Extremadura, Spain)
DOEDirector of Education
DOEDouble Open End (filters)
DOEDirector of Engineering
DOEDossier des Ouvrages Exécutés (French: Record of Works Executed; building construction)
DOEDepends On Experience
DOEDank of England
DOEDistributed Object Environment
DOEDetermination of Eligibility
DOEDate of Entry
DOEDesign of Experiments
DOEDatabase Object Editor
DOEDynamic Operating Environment
DOEDesignated Operational Entity
DOEDepartment of Electronics
DOEDate of Execution
DOEDanube-Oder-Elbe (water corridor)
DOEDiffractive Optical Elements
DOEDictionary of Old English
DOEDate of Enrollment
DOEDependant on Experience (UK)
DOEDate Of Enlistment (USAF)
DOEDate of Effect
DOEDenominación Oficial Española (Spanish: Spanish Official Designation; pharmacology)
DOEDirect Order Entry
DOEDepartment of Extension
DOEDepartment of Enforcement (securities)
DOEDate Of Entitlement
DOEDepth of Exploration
DOEDragons of Eisengard (gaming guild)
DOEDirect Operating Expense (financial management)
DOEDiabetes Outpatient Education (Rhode Island)
DOEDepartmental Operating Expense
DOEDuke of Edinburgh
DOEDiocese of El Obeid
DOEDesign of Experiences
DOEDue-Out Exists
DOEDifficulty On Exertion
DOEDisributed Object Everywhere
DOEDedicated Outbound Extension (Sprint)
DOEData Origin Level – Toll Equipment Input
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In 2004, Boeing and the DOE held a public meeting in Simi Valley to detail what happened during and after the meltdown.
The partnership between the Doe Fund and CIDC will create the best atmosphere for Coney Island residents and visitors to live, work and play during the peak season this summer.
Nor are the courts likely to overrule allocations made by the DOE under NCLB rules.
AIU Online's initial launch of e-sign followed several months of development work during which we collaborated closely with DOE officials to assure that our approach complied fully with their requirements in three critical areas:
Doe had repeatedly been involved in sexual harassment of both patients and hospital personnel.
Qualified Specialist training: Qualified Specialists are industry professionals who have completed training in the use of specific assessment and analysis software tools developed by DOE in conjunction with industry.
In the 10 years that I have devoted to studying historical exposures at DOE sites, I have seen the future, and it's not pretty.
Unlike other contaminated sites, Rocky Flats has earned goodwill and $660 million a year from the DOE and Congress because of its proximity to a major metropolitan area and its proximity, to a closure date.
Attorneys Dean DiBartolomeo and John Stemberger offered to act as Guardians ad Litem for Baby Doe.
As chair of a DOE advisory panel exploring the isotope-availability problem, Richard C.
But the amount of this reprocessing could increase drastically if the DOE, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the burgeoning radioactive metal processing industry get their way.
On a summer night in 1989 Doe drove to a wooded rest stop known as a cruising area for gay men.