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DOGEDirector of Graduate Education
DOGEDigital Online Global Economy
DOGEDepartment of Geography and Environment (university department; various locations)
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I shall find the door of my prison, I shall see the gold through the prison walls, I shall hear it where it lies under the water; for the events which brought about the fall of Venice befell in such a way that the secret of the hoard must have perished with Bianca's brother, Vendramin, a doge to whom I looked to make my peace with the Ten.
But the true believers love doge memes most of all.
Ryall replaced Peter Cartwright as Doge in 2010's Harry Potter and
Venice at that time was ruled by a hereditary Doge of unlimited power who, because of conflicts with the Byzantine emperor, had become a threat to trade for the new and increasingly wealthy and powerful merchants.
Galileo and Sarpi took Doge Dona and his advisers to the top of the tower of St Mark's and pointed the new telescope towards Padua.
Rarely do books live up to their enthusiastic dust-jacket endorsements, but Dennis Romano's learned, detailed, and sophisticated study of the life and rule of Doge Francesco Foscari is an exception.
The Doge is so incensed by this affront that he cannot bear to hear the words repeated, even in the context of the sentence of the offender, the patrician Michel Steno, and so we never learn precisely what the slander was.
Philippe Bernard's Osteria al Doge, a northern Italian restaurant, is set to occupy a 2,000 s/f space at 120 West 44th Street.
But when tales of Casanova's antics reach Rome and the villainous Bishop Pucci (Jeremy Irons), the Doge tells him he'll have to leave the city or clean up his act, by marrying a sweet young virgin.
Every year the Doge would take part in a symbolic ceremony, the Marriage of the Sea, to celebrate Venice's mastery over the ocean.
New this year to the Guardian Series is our standard reinforced fire doge This addition nearly doubles the fire protection of the Guardian, moving it to 1680 degrees in 90 minutes.
The undoubted star of the sale is Canaletto's view of the ceremonial landing spot the Molo in Venice, with the Bucintoro - the barge belonging to the Doge, the elected head of the Venetian state - prominently moored in front of the Doge's palace.