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DOHMDepartment of Hydrology and Meteorology (Nepal)
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Most of these students are low-income urban African American males (Ayers, Dohm, and Ayers 2001).
Also included in the Dohmie Bundle are an original children's storybook called Buddy the Bee Finds His Zs and a Sleep 101 pamphlet with tips from the National Sleep Foundation which, with the Dohm, make it the perfectly packaged serious sleep solution.
Writing in a BLS publication, Arlene Dohm (2000: 21) notes that "most government employees are covered under defined benefit pension plans that provide the maximum economic benefits to those who retire at the earliest possible age of pension eligibility.
The Dublin family were travelling from Key West to Marco Island on board a twin-engine Cessna flown by Bob Dohm.
Julie Dohm, Expanding the Scope of Hatch-Waxman Act's Patent Carve-out Exception to the Identical Drug Labeling Requirement: Closing the Patent Litigation Loophole, 156 U.
The regions below and above the two shoreline boundaries are like cookie cutouts that can be compared to the regions above the boundaries, as well as the total region," Dohm said.
Hero pilot Bob Dohm, 65, managed to safely ditch the stricken aircraft in the sea after BOTH engines failed, ending up some four miles from Marco Island in Florida at 6pm local time.
The final article, by Lynn Shniper and Arlene Dohm, discusses the results of the occupational component of the projections (pages 86-125).
2003; Striegel-Moore, Wilfrey, Pike, Dohm, & Fairburn, 2000) and obesity (Davis, Clance, & Gailis, 1999; Foreyt & Poston, 1999; Smolak & Striegel-Moore, 2001).