DOHMHDepartment of Health and Mental Hygiene (New York City)
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The objective of this solicitation is to acquire a contractor to develop recommendations and improve alignment between MHy and DOHMH s overall contract management processes, systems and standards.
During 2009 and 2010 the NYC DOHMH led a hospital-level intervention that substantially improved the accuracy of cause of death reporting; however, most of our cases occurred before the intervention period (Madsen et al.
The InsightCS applications that DOHMH has purchased include Patient Scheduling and Registration, Payer Eligibility Checking, Patient Accounting and Billing, Claims Resolution and Processing, Contract Management, Denial Tracking, A/R Collections, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse for Analytics, and Reporting.
Also thanks to the DOHMH for the Community Health Survey data and Daniel Kass, assistant commissioner at DOHMH Bureau of Environmental Surveillance and Policy, for his helpful comments on the manuscript.
101) The DOHMH takes the position that the only way for the genetic mother (who is the wife of the now declared legal father and who is indisputably the genetic mother) to be legally recognized as the child's mother is through an adoption proceeding, even where the gestational carrier, after the birth of the child, expresses her clear desire to relinquish any parental rights/obligations to the child.
However, the New York City Charter specifies that inmate medical care is the responsibility of the DOHMH, which contracts out the provision of direct service health and mental health care to a private prison health services vendor, while directing policy and providing oversight and management.
Using clinical information systems to improve mandated reporting by physicians and medical institutions to DOHMH and communication between the health department and healthcare providers; and
DOHMH is announcing this new educational initiative following recently released federal dietary guidelines, which recommend that consumers keep their trans fat intake as low as possible.
The DOHMH issued a Notice of Obligation to Isolate (Isolation Notice) under New York state law, pursuant to which the hospital isolated the patient pending evaluation by the Commissioner of Health as to whether an Order of Detention should be issued.
Controls were selected from NYC male residents given a diagnosis of infection with Ciardia lamblia (giardiasis) or Entamoeba histolytica (amebiasis) during January 2012-February 2013, who had not been routinely interviewed by DOHMH.
The purpose of this RFP is for the DOHMH to identify and support local institutions in four NYC neighborhoods (the South Bronx, Central Brooklyn, East and Central Harlem and Southeast Queens) to offer new NDPP classes to eligible residents, regardless of their ability to pay.