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DOIDigital Object Identifier
DOIDepartment of the Interior (US)
DOIDepartment Of Insurance
DOIDivision of Insurance
DOIDivision of Information (Australian National University)
DOIDomain Of Interpretation
DOIDeclaration of Independence
DOIDepartment of Infrastructure (Australia)
DOIDays of Inventory
DOIDate of Injury
DOIDeclaration of Intent (legal)
DOIDied Of Injuries
DOIDate of Issuance
DOIDegree of Interference
DOIDigital Opportunity Initiative
DOI2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodoamphetamine (hallucinogenic drug)
DOIDate of Introduction
DOIDepartment of Intelligence
DOIDate of Invoice
DOIDigital Orthorectified Imagery
DOIDescent Orbit Insertion
DOIDaughters of Iraq (female security program; est. 2008)
DOIDate of Image
DOIDepartment of Institutions (Colorado)
DOIDry Operating Index
DOIDSSCS Operating Instructions (US DOD)
DOIDeath On Impact
DOIDetachment Operating Instruction
DOIDaily Operating Instruction
DOIDefense Operating Instruction(s)
DOIDiffusion of Innovations
DOIDay of Install
DOIDivisional Operating Income
DOIDescription, Operation & Installation
DOIDrawing Office Instructions (post design modification)
DOIDepartment of Investigation
DOIDepth of Invasion
DOIDuration of Immunity (veterinary microbiology)
DOIDirector of Intelligence
DOIDistinctness of Image
DOIDiagramme Objet Interaction (French: Object Interaction Diagram)
DOIDepth of Inheritance (metric)
DOIDirectorate of Instruction
DOIDocument-Oriented Inteface (computing)
DOIDouble Opt In (email)
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We have the hydrogen technology, but it costs a lot," Doi said.
His solicitor claimed the incident was a "one-off" for Doi, who has previous for drug possession as well as drunk and disorderly.
Masami Doi has extensive experience in public affairs and corporate communications in Japan and globally.
La International DOI Foundation (2013) define al DOI como un acronimo de "identificador de objeto digital", es decir un "identificador digital de un objeto".
Doi has been travelling across the globe promoting the use of authentic kombu to make soup broth.
Doi joined Prudential in 2009 and has been responsible for managing legal risks and reviewing risk assessment matrices for new products and services.
El prefijo DOI para la coleccion Scielo, esta formado por un numero unico 10.
If I Am Searching for a Citation, Will a DOI Be Listed?
Doi became chairman in 1991 after serving as vice chairman.
A short sale, foreclosure, or deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure transaction may result in DOI income to the borrower when recourse debt is involved.
Doi, 76, also a former lower house speaker and staunch advocate of the war-renouncing Constitution, refrained from running in her single-seat constituency in Hyogo Prefecture, and was ranked last on the SDP's five-candidate list for the proportional representation sector in the Kinki block.