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DOIDigital Object Identifier
DOIDepartment of the Interior (US)
DOIDepartment Of Insurance
DOIDivision of Insurance
DOIDivision of Information (Australian National University)
DOIDomain Of Interpretation
DOIDeclaration of Independence
DOIDepartment of Infrastructure (Australia)
DOIDays of Inventory
DOIDate of Injury
DOIDeclaration of Intent (legal)
DOIDied Of Injuries
DOIDate of Issuance
DOIDegree of Interference
DOIDigital Opportunity Initiative
DOI2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodoamphetamine (hallucinogenic drug)
DOIDate of Introduction
DOIDepartment of Intelligence
DOIDate of Invoice
DOIDigital Orthorectified Imagery
DOIDescent Orbit Insertion
DOIDaughters of Iraq (female security program; est. 2008)
DOIDate of Image
DOIDepartment of Institutions (Colorado)
DOIDry Operating Index
DOIDSSCS Operating Instructions (US DOD)
DOIDeath On Impact
DOIDetachment Operating Instruction
DOIDaily Operating Instruction
DOIDefense Operating Instruction(s)
DOIDiffusion of Innovations
DOIDay of Install
DOIDivisional Operating Income
DOIDescription, Operation & Installation
DOIDrawing Office Instructions (post design modification)
DOIDepartment of Investigation
DOIDepth of Invasion
DOIDuration of Immunity (veterinary microbiology)
DOIDirector of Intelligence
DOIDistinctness of Image
DOIDiagramme Objet Interaction (French: Object Interaction Diagram)
DOIDepth of Inheritance (metric)
DOIDirectorate of Instruction
DOIDocument-Oriented Inteface (computing)
DOIDouble Opt In (email)
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In this case, you will have DOI Income of $25 (the amount by which you were made solvent by the discharge of debt).
Using Symantec's data and system protection, the DOI will be able to recover faster from system failures or viral attacks.
They are extremely reliable and highly cost-competitive compared with traditional telecommunications services," said Tim Quinn, Chief of the Enterprise Infrastructure Division for the DOI.
com/ and click any of the "Subjects" listed at the left, then mouse over "See the DOI for more info" under each book.
Doi is a former lower house speaker and one of the best-known opposition leaders for her pacifist philosophy.
108(b)(4)(A) requires the immediate passthrough of DOI income, because it provides that the attribute reduction is made after the determination of the tax imposed for the tax year of discharge (i.
To see other DOI examples from the McGraw-Hill Book Catalog, visit http://books.
The court felt that rules that exclude items from income should be construed narrowly The court reasoned that, historically, insolvent taxpayers could exclude DOI income to preserve a debtor's "fresh start," so as not to burden him with an immediate tax liability when a debt is forgiven.
Wherever the DOI is encountered -- on Web sites, on Search Engines, within product reviews, within emails, and even within downloaded content -- it always brings the user back to whatever information or services the publisher wishes to offer at that time.
But Doi said she had reached the decision that she would best be able to fulfill her political responsibility by giving her all to the party, including staking her political career on it.
The Supreme Court held that to determine whether the debtor has realized DOI income, "it is necessary to look at both the end result of the transaction and the repayment terms agreed to by the parties at the outset of the debtor-creditor relationship" (Emphasis in original.
This announcement comes on the heels of a DOI Inspector General's report issued this week that details egregious misuse of the Web by department employees.