DOLETADepartment of Labor Employment and Training Administration (US government)
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The shortcoming became apparent during the study that the GITA and the AAG conducted for the DOLETA.
The DOLETA commenced its Industry Competency Initiative in 2005.
Although the tiers are illustrated in pyramid form (shown in Figure 1), the content of each DOLETA competency model is a list of competencies corresponding to the first five tiers of the framework.
The GTCM is the first DOLETA competency model to include Geography as a core academic competency area.
The initial draft of the DOLETA GTCM (April 28, 2008) included Foundational Competencies (Tiers 1 to 3) and 27 industry-wide Critical Work Functions (Tier 4) under six headings: "Principles of Geospatial Technologies," "Geographic Information Systems," "Cartography," "Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry," Surveying and Global Positioning System (GPS)," and "Computer Programming and Database Management.
As part of the High Growth Job Training Initiative, the DOLETA convened meetings with geospatial industry representatives in April of 2003, July of 2003, and March of 2005 to learn about workforce challenges.
The unfortunate result of this debate was that the DOLETA could not affirm that the industry definition proposed by the GITA/AAG team reflected a true consensus in the field.
Prospects improved in March of 2009, when representatives of the National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence (GeoTech Center) approached the DOLETA to offer assistance in its competency modeling effort.
The Geography competencies identified in Tier 2 of the DOLETA GTCM are drawn directly from this research (Solem, Cheung and Schempler 2008).
In parallel with the public review, the DOLETA conducted its own internal review of the GTCM.
In the orientation Webinar conducted prior to the GTCM validation workshop, DOLETA representatives urged panelists to keep the "80 percent rule" in mind.
The GeoTech Center and the authors thank DOLETA staff members Pam Frugoli, Jennifer Troke, and Brad Wiggins, as well as JBS International staff members Barbara Derwart and Brian Jones, who encouraged and facilitated our work.