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DOLSDepartment of Labor Secretary (US Department of Labor)
DOLSDeprivation of Liberty Safeguards (UK)
DOLSDynamic Ordinary Least Squares
DOLSDirectory of Laboratory Services
DOLSDomino Off-Line Services (Lotus/IBM)
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Building on the MRBs framework, DOL ensures the policies and goals of the PMA are carried out through the oversight of other boards and work groups, ensuring its commitments are widely communicated and successfully managed.
Since 2001, DOL has strived to integrate its management systems, strengthening and unifying the department along the way.
Dols begins his study with a detailed portrayal of the status of insanity in medical treatises, and its place in the spiritual consciousness of the age.
In the remainder of his discussion, Dols demonstrates how this fundamental view of insanity as the consequence of humoral imbalance continued to be the basis of medical therapy throughout the traditional Islamic period.