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DOMAINSDistributed Open Management Architecture in Networked Systems
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Students at both universities gave a high level of priority to domains concerning the quality of academic and student life.
The 15-year-old wants to finance her college education with the proceeds of the sale of an especially presidential Internet domain name.
Since then, the National Arbitration Forum has handled more than 7,600 Internet domain name disputes.
The Demand Media[TM] proprietary media platform powers the company's popular content properties and highly-trafficked domains providing a diverse new media experience for tens of millions of users.
Thomas Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Dot VN added, "We are extremely excited with the outstanding increase in domain names registered by our Company, in excess of 350%, as compared to 2005.
com), the largest ICANN accredited wholesale domain registrar, announced today it has partnered with Google to enable the new domain registration services feature in Google Apps for Your Domain.
Sedo, the leading online marketplace for the buying and selling of domain names, and Dotster, one of the world's largest domain name registrars, have partnered to offer Dotster customers one-click access to Sedo's domain marketplace or brokerage service when the domain they searched is already registered.
Our motivation initially for this site was to offer some of our larger domain customers an exit strategy for their large domain holdings.
Domains made up of search-friendly keywords and those used by the growing number of "direct navigation" customers who type domain names directly into their browsers to search for relevant content.
Name server editing: Easily manage the name servers for your domain name
They are currently servicing more than 20 top-level Internet domains (TLDs) like .
The investment quality of domain names is enhanced by the fact that there are just so few domain names available that can be effectively used in business and marketing.