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DOMESDigest of Middle East Studies (journal)
DOMESDeep Ocean Mining Environmental Study
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It is that of the Carmelite Church which was badly damaged in Malta's second dreadful siege, that of 1940-43, and rebuilt with the intention of excelling all the earlier domes as well as to overshadow the Anglican cathedral next door.
Hub-and-strut domes use aluminum or steel for the hubs and wood, conduit or even bamboo for the struts.
In general, lunar domes occur in loose Clusters--where there's one dome, there's probably another nearby.
The idea so captured the imagination of the 1,000 people living in Grand Meadow, they passed a bond issue to build the entire K-12 campus as a series of five connected domes to house its 360 students and 34 fulltime teachers.
Dome school provided vital information on the company's exclusive Super-Lock hub connector system.
Oregon Dome's 30-year track record - and the steady resale value of domes in general - convinced the Veneta Citizens Bank branch to finance the subdivision, said manager DeAnn Cherbas.
The main elements of the yurt, other than the floor and foundation structure, are the expandable lattice wall (called a khana), roof beams, door, Reflectix[R] insulation for the roof and walls, canvas wall covering, inner roof fabric, vulcanized canvas roof covering, roof center ring, metal stove flashing, and the acrylite dome skylight for the apex of the roof.
High grade stainless steel, such as 301, is a pre-requisite because it negates the requirement for plated domes.
6 -- color) After a year, domes will take on the patina of an older penny
The designers say Monolithic Domes have lived up to their expectations.
For this reason, Triodetic recommends dome covers for applications such as clarifier tanks, water tanks, stockpiles and more, The Triodetic connection provides an efficient method to construct domes and other single layer structures without scaffolding.
I found out that these one-piece steel reinforced concrete homes, known as monolithic domes, can not only withstand the fiercest storms, they are also energy-efficient, easy to maintain, virtually fireproof and designed to last for centuries.