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DOMINODIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Object-oriented Model of Intelligence Operations
DOMINODetection of Greedy Behaviour in the Mac Layer of Ieee 802.11 Public Networks
DOMINODistributed Overlay for Monitoring Internet Outbreaks
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Once the unfocused Domino hooks up with a team of skip-tracers (Mickey Rourke, Edgar Ramirez) who work for South L.
An attractive feature for the many large, distributed Domino installations is the improved multi-server support.
Many corporations use Lotus Notes and Domino as their corporate platform to share information seamlessly.
As the principal systems integrator for epcSolutions with the most production deployments of RFID TagManager, Domino EIS leads the industry with RFID systems installations for multiple Wal-Mart delivery methods and various product types including cold storage, office supply product, home entertainment, clothing and 3PLs.
MIMEsweeper for Exchange and MIMEsweeper for Domino do everything you've come to expect from the award-winning MIMEsweeper technology, but apply it to internal e-mail traffic.
PistolStar's Authentication Plug-In for Lotus Domino enables browser-based single sign-on by authenticating users connecting to Domino via a browser with the Active Directory password in real-time.
The 2005 World Domino Tournament was first broadcast on ESPN Deportes, ESPN's Spanish-language network, in March.
This agreement with the International Domino Federation, one of the game's most respected organizations, reinforces our pledge to bring to our viewers the best and most competitive domino tournaments in the world.
Neverfail for Lotus Domino is the only clustering alternative that proactively monitors the health of the entire Lotus Domino environment, including server hardware, network infrastructure, application and operating system.
We hope to bring Domino to light via a commitment to high-quality production standards that are synonymous with ESPN's original programming," said Chris Calcinari, vice president, production and operations, International and ESPN Deportes.
1 will provide further integration with Lotus Notes(R) and Domino including the ability to read Notes native encrypted mail (Lotus Domino encrypted mail) on BlackBerry handheld devices, support for IBM DB2(R), and a new IBM Lotus Sametime client for BlackBerry handheld devices that supports presence, group chat, "buddy list" synchronization with the Sametime server, message auditing and enterprise access controls.
Just as Workplace Designer allows developers to create components by importing existing forms from IBM Lotus Domino Designer, Darwino(TM) allows developers to do the same for existing documents and data associated with these forms," said Alex Homsi, Trilog's President and CEO.