DON CIODepartment of the Navy Chief Information Officer (US Navy)
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Anna Tarrant, DON CIO Financial Analyst, is a member of the DON CIO's IT Analysis & Internal Controls Team.
The critical nature of cybersecurity has been recognized for years, and the DON CIO Cybersecurity Team is actively engaged with its counterparts at the DoD and Navy and Marine Corps staffs to strengthen the DON's information security posture.
DON CIO, Navy and Marine Corps staffs are actively engaged in planning and implementing an improved process, the Risk Management Framework (RMF), to ensure that the DON's IT systems, networks and supporting infrastructure ashore are operated and maintained to appropriately manage cybersecurity risk.
DON CIO understands the challenge before us, and is working hard to help bring about that change.
Action officers from the Navy Secretariat, Navy staff, Marine Corps staff, and the DON CIO privacy team met over several sessions to: identify roles and responsibilities, classify the strengths and weaknesses of the DON breach response plan, run through a simulated major breach, and make recommendations to leadership on how to improve the department's breach plan.
Resources for PII breach reporting are available on the DON CIO website at http://www.
No doubt every conference attendee has a favorite session, but one of the sessions I found most fascinating was the "DON Cloud Acceleration: A Senior Leadership Perspective" in which moderator, Dan DelGrosso, from the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems, led a panel, consisting of DON CIO Rob Foster; DDCIO-Marine Corps Ken Bible; Skip Hiser, director, Communications & Information Systems, U.
Go to the "Contact Us" link located on the DON CIO website Information tab to request a presentation.
Right now the DON CIO is collecting feedback from East Coast Conference attendees.
Caption: DON CIO Rob Foster speaking at the DON IT East Coast Conference Town Hall May 17.
Marine Corps Ken Bible and Navy Cyber Security Division Director/Deputy DON CIO Rear Adm.
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