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DONALDDortmund Nutritional and Anthropometric Longitudinally Designed Study
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The other two were Duncan M'Dougal and Donald M'Kenzie.
Donald had begun speaking, the rain came down in torrents, and he had to stop, while someone held an umbrella over him.
Donald finished his sermon; and an excellent sermon it was, too, in spite of the weather.
So it was that Donald MacElrath, farmer's son and farm-boy himself, had shifted from the soil he loved to the sea he hated and which it was his destiny to farm.
Ut's the very same way my Donald finds the road tull Voloparaiso.
LORD NOBLEKIRK, } THE LORD ADVOCATE (Mintlaw), } DONALD DREW, Esquire (Advocate-Depute).
This flat, flourishing, easy country never could have looked more rich and prosperous than in that opening summer of 1815, when its green fields and quiet cities were enlivened by multiplied red- coats: when its wide chaussees swarmed with brilliant English equipages: when its great canal-boats, gliding by rich pastures and pleasant quaint old villages, by old chateaux lying amongst old trees, were all crowded with well-to-do English travellers: when the soldier who drank at the village inn, not only drank, but paid his score; and Donald, the Highlander, billeted in the Flemish farm- house, rocked the baby's cradle, while Jean and Jeannette were out getting in the hay.
Steve knows Donald by name, has memorized which firearms he prefers, and occasionally calls when a gun arrives that might interest Donald.
Despite that blow, Donald is determined to make the hostel owners pay for their negligence.
About Donald Burton : a short profile by and about the honoree:
com/2014/08/31/donald-sterling-spends-60th-anniversary-with-hated-wife/) TMZ Sports , Donald and Shelly went to Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, California.
ASIC determined that a permanent banning was necessary to maintain investor and consumer confidence in the financial system given Mr Donald s criminal conviction.