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DONEDemocrats Over Nominating Elitists (patriotism group)
DONEDigital Open Network Environment (Finland)
DONEDepartment of Neighborhood Empowerment (Los Angeles, CA)
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He said no, it was his duty to stand whatever the law done to him, and he would stick to the jail plumb through to the end, even if there warn't no door to it.
They done it, and soon as they was aboard I lit out for our towhead, and in about five or ten minutes we heard the dogs and the men away off, shouting.
I've done considerble in the doctoring way in my time.
If I had done it as alleged, is it conceivable that I would have made this and this mistake?
Now if it could be done again, it must not be so done.
I've pretty well done with my wild oats-- turned fifty-five.
Yes, I've done," said Raffles, taking hold of his hat which stood before him on the table, and giving it a sort of oratorical push.
I've done you a piece of good service, Nancy,' he began: then seeing me, he acknowledged my presence by a slight bow.
Take care of it,' said he, 'and don't let it go near the rabbit-warren, for the gamekeeper swears he'll shoot it if he sees it there again: he would have done so to-day, if I had not been in time to stop him.
I love you all, and have done no harm to anyone; and what have you done to me?
His specialty was to tell you what any individual on the face of the globe was doing at the moment; and what he had done at any time in the past, and what he would do at any time in the future.
Far to the north of Camelot, and half their journey will be done.