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DONEDemocrats Over Nominating Elitists (patriotism group)
DONEDigital Open Network Environment (Finland)
DONEDepartment of Neighborhood Empowerment (Los Angeles, CA)
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Palmdale officials say they expect the boulevard to be turned into six lanes between the Antelope Valley Freeway and Sixth Street East as soon as the repaving work is done.
For very well done hamburger and bacon, the risks were 50 percent to 70 percent greater.
Mervyn's California is very excited to have this exclusive opportunity to introduce the Done Down Under and MIFFY exclusive product lines to our guests," stated Frank Castiglione, Mervyn's California's vice president of marketing.
They bring with them to Good Done Great 32 clients and a staff of 15.
And that's just getting approved, so hopefully within the next year I can get that done and then start experimenting with some of the skate stuff.
And I had not done that many movies, so I did look upon it that way, and all the hardships and various difficulties of filming in the desert did make it an adventure.
When Minnie gets to work in the morning, she does not even think about all the things that have to be done to get the office ready for patients that day.
With a direct say in how things were done, workers ensured they were done right.
If one puts one's mind to it, assuming no major physical limitations, it can be done.
The other day I was getting off the subway and I was all done up--I had these big tortoiseshell glasses on, a pocket square, and my Goyard bag with a monogram on it," recalls Doonan, "and this guy said to me, 'Boy, you're a real faggot, aren't you?
My reaction caused me to reflect on what I would have done had this been part of a regular job.