DOOHDigital Out of Home
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In fact, in the UK, DOOH ad spend has already increased tremendously and is expected to account for 47 per cent of the total UK OOH market by 2018, according to GroupM forecasts released in June 2017.
We are excited to see what our customers ask of us and how the platform will be applied to different market sectors as DOOH screens become more integral to marketing strategies.
From a technology point of view, innovation in mobile technology will enable DOOH advertising to have a role in the development of m-commerce.
Tangibal is both a DOOH and point of purchase network owner and solutions provider and consultancy.
To create the valuable content, the DOOH might want to provide information or data that can only be obtained by using the interactive display.
rVue Direct represents a significant evolution of the rVue DOOH platform.
In collaboration with Clear Channel Singapore, Coca-Cola Singapore, MEC Singapore and EuroRSCG, 3Di Singapore completed a two-week DOOH campaign for Coca-Cola's Heaven and Earth western tea range.
Fortune 500 software, auto, insurance and consumer goods companies have all recognized the powerful impact of captive viewing in DOOH Media Environments.
Al Barq Digital's aim is to optimize consumer experiences and convenient information and services help make a shopping trip better", commented Andrew Wood, General Manager of AD Media DOOH.
The new solution from NEC connects DOOH network providers to media agencies to simplify the entire working process for digital out-of-home campaigns.
The campaign also includes a full wrap of the IMAX in Waterloo in one of EEs biggest DOOH campaigns since the brand launched in 2012.