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DOPDominican Peso (ISO currency code)
DOPDate of Purchase
DOPDirector of Pharmacy
DOPDirector of Operations
DOPDestruction of Property (crime)
DOPDirectory Operational Binding Management Protocol
DOPDrop Off Point
DOPFormai de Mut Dell'Alta Val Brembana (Italian)
DOPUnited States Department of Peace
DOPDiver Operated Plug
DOPDomain of Pain (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
DOPDesignated Overhaul Point (rework facility)
DOPDissolved Organic Phosphorous
DOPDispersed Oil Particulate (filtration testing)
DOPDirector of Procurement (job)
DOPDevelopment Options Paper
DOPDirectory Operational Protocol
DOPDublin Orchestral Players
DOPDropped Object Protection (Structures)
DOPDaily Obnoxious Post
DOPDisaster Operations Plan
DOPDecoy Operating Program
DOPData/Date Object Processed
DOPDrawing Office Practice
DOPDevelopmental Opportunities Program
DOPDigitally Operated Potentiometer
DOPDepot Overhaul Plan
DOPDetachment Operating Procedure
DOPDiffractive Optics Plate
DOPDevelopment Operations Paper
DOPDepth of Plane
DOPDrain Open Failure Mode
DOPDirty Old Pervert
DOPDirector of Props
DOPDirect Owner Purchase
DOPDirector of Payments
DOPDesktop Operating Procedure
DOPDivision of Occupational Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DOPDivision of Prisons (North Carolina)
DOPDate of Payment
DOPDepartment of Posts (Ministry of Communications, India)
DOPDeclaration of Peace
DOPDegree of Parallelism (database management systems)
DOPDeclaration of Principles
DOPDenominazione d'Origine Protetta (Italian: Protected Designation of Origin)
DOPDispositif Opérationnel de Protection (French: Device Operational Protection)
DOPDilution Of Precision (GPS)
DOPDifference Of Perception
DOPDetailed Operating Procedure
DOPDepth Of Penetration
DOPDepartment Operating Procedure
DOPDate of Publication
DOPDate of Production
DOPDirector of Photography
DOPDirect Object Pronoun (education)
DOPDegree of Polarization (fiber optics)
DOPDay One Purchase
DOPDepartment of Personnel
DOPDioctyl Phthalate
DOPDelineation of Privileges (health care)
DOPDirect Operating Profit
DOPDegree of Protection (target analysis and terminal ballistics)
DOPDiameter of Particle(s)
DOPDepartment of Psychiatry (various organizations)
DOPDaughters of Penelope
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Dredging operations will be accomplished by lowering the DOP pump into the water with the Multi Cat's crane or A-frame.
After 15 days of administration of DOP to the rats of group B, the antispermatogenic effect was clearly evident in the study by the reduced number of spermatogenic cells in rat testes.
8226; Castelmagno DOP Semi-hard, semi-fat blue cheese prepared within the administrative region of the communes of Castelmagno, Pradleves and Monterosso Grana in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont.
Since 1988, DOP Solutions has been in clean air testing, offering a range of aerosol detection and generation instruments and accessories including positive injection pumping systems, aerosol injection ports, sparge pipes, and smoke generators.
Dentro de la canasta de productos amparados por DOP e IGP en Espana, y considerando la distribucion de su valor economico total (967,83 millones de euros, estimado para el ano 2013), por tipo de producto, los quesos (22,17% del valor economico total) y los productos carnicos (22,15% del valor economico total) son los que aportan mayor valor; los jamones ocupan el tercer lugar (11,89% del valor economico total) (figura 1).
The global DOP plasticizer market has been covered in detail in this report.
5% and 1% DOP showed higher GPx activity in breast tissue than that of ANT treatment.
In addition, the PBMS/PVC blends had superior migration resistant property to the low-molecular weight plasticizer DOP for PVC.
The original solo plasticizer DOP was used in recipe A1 and replaced partly and fully in recipes A2 and A3.
However, the importance of neurological level of injury (NLOI) and the influence of the DOP among patients with paraplegia grouped by high and low NLOI are inadequately investigated concerning bone mineral content (BMC), lean mass (LM), fat mass (FM), and the mechanical properties of bone.
Last month it was reported that Breitfeld & Schliekart, the European accessories name, had appointed DOP to represent the company in the UK and the Republic of Ireland (OT, October 9).