DoPPDivision of Professional Practice (Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA)
DOPPDirectory of Published Proceedings (journal)
DOPPDropped Object Prevention Program
DOPPDepartmental Order for Purchases/Payments
DOPPDirector of Physical Planning
DOPPDairy Options Pilot Program
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Dopp starts with a short, informative introduction to the Vaticinium, which is essential for the reader to deal with the text and the following chapters.
Week 3: Week of September 21-Constructing the Dopp Kit b Small Bag
Dopp - Autumn Casperson and Brandon Dopp, of Springfield, a daughter.
Brian Fitzpatrick and Matt Dopp, founders of RevelTV, visited Mountain America Credit Union to discuss how their company could help the financial institution enhance its customer communications with digital reader boards.
The devoutly religious director of the DEP, Gideon Dopp, prides himself on his position at "the noblest of all government agencies" (p.
Sorting and tracking livestock and labeling meat by the various 'routes' that livestock may take on the way to market is needlessly complex with no measurable benefits," said AMI Senior Vice President Mark Dopp.
We've heard from calorie-conscious consumers that there is a need for Greek yogurts with less than 150 calories, and we're thrilled that Yoplait Greek 100 can answer that call," says Liza Dopp, marketing manager for Yoplait Greek 100, who adds that the product is the only Greek yogurt that is endorsed by Weight Watchers.
at 351-52; Terrence Dopp, Christie's New Jersey Court Nominee Replacing Wallace May Be Stalemated, BLOOMBERG, May 3, 2010, http://www.
Mark Dopp, general counsel of the American Meat Institute
Bons exemplos que dao sustento a essa compreensao de Dopp, pois demonstram os modos mais comuns de articulacoes dessas relacoes, podem ser encontrados nas escritas de Alfred Bailey e Northrop Frye.
The lime green Murcielago Roadster left for a Las Vegas body shop for repairs on Wednesday, just days after Santaquin resident David Dopp won it in Maverik stores' "Joe Schmo to Lambo" contest.
The Murcielago Roadster was in a Las Vegas body shop for repairs days after David Dopp won it in a contest from a convenience store chain.