DOPPSDialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study
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Screening for depression in hemodialysis patients: associations with diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes in the DOPPS.
He went on to report four key trends related to anemia management in the DOPPS data:
Three data collection instruments were developed by the evaluators, which borrowed liberally from the questionnaires developed for DOPPS.
The DOPPS study examined the impact of dialysis staff experience on patient outcomes (Pisoni et al.
Trends in US vascular access use, patients' preferences, and related practices: An update from the US DOPPS practice monitor with international comparisons.
Non adherencein hemodialysis: associations with mortality, hospitalization and practice patterns in the DOPPS.
Sexual dysfunction in dialysis patients treated with antihypertensive or antidepressive medications: results from the DOPPS.
The sample of DOPPS patients was restricted to California and Florida (n=377 and n=539, respectively).
El estudio DOPPS (8) que se realizo en siete paises (Estados unidos, Japon, Francia, Alemania, Reino unido, Italia y Espana), encontro desnutricion moderada-severa en 18,9% segun la VGS (valoracion global subjetiva) (9).
Mortality risk for patients receiving hemodiafiltration versus hemodialysis: European results from the DOPPS.