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DOPSDirect Observation of Procedural Skills (UK)
DOPSDanish Optical Society
DOPSDepartment of Public Safety
DOPSDakota Ojibway Police Service
DOPSDisbursing Office Processing System
DOPSDigital Optical Projection System
DOPSDifference of Perfect Squares (factorizing quadratics)
DOPSDivision de l'Organisation et de la Programmation Scolaire (French: Division of Organization and Programming School)
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DOPS is being used in our setting for the last two years and trainees undertake a number of DOPS for basic surgical procedures.
sup][7] DOPS should be viewed as a useful educational/training opportunity for trainees to improve performance in a skill.
As of this writing, the DOPS still occupies strategic points in the gardens to force the MSBF to leave the area.
O fato de haver no nivel documental motivacoes para se falar de uma mesma memoria discursiva acerca dos discursos sobre praticas censorias e de cooperacao entre a censura exercida nesses paises--Brasil e Italia--e periodos--ditadura militar, fascismo italiano e periodo Vargas--aponta, enfim, para um movimento que dara conta do proprio percurso a ser feito no trabalho com o corpus (arquivo do DOPS, arquivo de censura italiana, acervos da ditadura militar).
Apesar de eventos separados, a tortura do DOPS era um gozo para seus torturadores e indicava o prazer da morte do outro, enquanto que na exposicao a dor fisica erotica leva ao prazer pelo simulacao do oposto.
Moreover, if injected with DOPS just before giving birth, the mutant females often seemed to take appropriate care of their litter.
Realization of the expected benefits from the integration of Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, and DOPS, which should result in improved profitability over time.
38) Lourival Gaeta (1927-1997) era delegado do DOPS de Sao Paulo e integrou-se a equipe de torturadores da Operacao Bandeirante ou DOI-Codi/SR Era chamado tambem de "Mangabeira".
Even without having access to the documentation of the committee, it is possible to grasp, by reading Eremildo Viana's interview to the press after the disclosure of its results and its dossier at the DOPS file, that the investigations ran across unexpected and disappointing paths for the repression.
Prince has been critical of DOPS for not investigating complaints she has made against the chief.
We determined the Gc phenotype of 586 healthy women not taking any hormonal medications [participants of the DOPS study (16) approved by the local ethics committee (no.