DOQ-ITDoctors Office Quality Information Technology
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In particular, we expect that because the demonstration practices all previously participated in the DOQ-IT program, they are more interested in using HIT than the average other practice of similar size.
Although DOQ-IT consultants are vendor neutral and do not endorse any particular software product or service, they are available to provide guidance and advice to their client practices in order to help them to become educated technology consumers.
NextGen Healthcare has been developing this data capture methodology since the start of the DOQ-IT programs and has created a tool that allows providers using the NextGen EMR and NextGen Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) systems to gather the proper information in the normal course of clinical documentation.
In addition, if it is RNs who are tracking, in some format (paper and pencil, flow sheet, or electronically), the CMS PQRI, DOQ-IT, and NQF quality indicators, but, again, it is not visible or identifiable, how is value demonstrated?
Department of Health and Human Services, established the DOQ-IT initiative program to encourage physicians to adopt EHRs and, in turn, improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care.
The DOQ-IT project is designed to promote the adoption of clinical information systems, including interoperability standards, and is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services quality initiative to improve healthcare through the use of electronic health records (EHRs).
The DOQ-IT project is a three-year, national quality improvement initiative to assist physicians who wish to purchase, implement and fully utilize electronic medical records in their practices.
These are the same states that participated in CMS' earlier DOQ-IT project to support adoption of EHRs in physician practices.
Results will be available to State DOQ-IT managers, group practice advocacy organizations, foundations and other interested parties.
Utah is one of the initial four states chosen to participate in DOQ-IT (Doctors'Office Quality-Information Technology), a CMS-funded initiative, headed in Utah by its peer review organization, Health-Insight, to promote adoption of EMRs in small to mid size physician practices, and Stratford has to it.
Qualis Health, a private nonprofit Quality Improvement Organization was appointed based on its relationships with key Washington information technology stakeholders and the organization's experience managing health technology initiatives such as DOQ-IT (Doctor's Office Quality - Information Technology).
Allscripts recently was recognized as the first of more than 80 vendors participating in the program to meet all 35 DOQ-IT reporting requirements.