DOQQDigital Orthophoto Quarter-Quadrangle (1:12,000 scale representations of a quarter of the area of a conventional USGS 7.5 minute topographical map produced using aerial photographs)
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Overall, the assessment of error suggests a point accuracy of [+ or -] 1 m for both the DOQQ and GPS-based shoreline maps.
Combining a sub-meter-accuracy Global Positioning System and a 1-m-resolution DOQQ to map shoreline change provided a level of point accuracy of [+ or -] 1 m and distance accuracy of [+ or -] 2 m.
Geological Survey (USGS) DLG, DRG, DOQQ, DEM, GNIS, National Atlas, Landuse, Landcover, GLIS Microsoft TerraServer Digital Orthophoto (originally from Soviet satellites and USGS DOQQ) EPA AILESP, NPL, Superfund, CERCLA water quality, environmental facility Michigan DNR MIRIS Databases.
As a result of this CRADA, libraries that wanted to provide DRGs and DOQQs received through the FDLP to their users were forced to purchase the data.
These DOQQs are used to ascertain the concentration of BMPs within a sub-watershed, the amount of impervious area and other specific visual information, as shown in Figure 4.