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DORKDaughter of the Righteous King
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Mike, as a semi-reformed fellow dork, I applaud your honesty--and gunguyness.
Son of Dork burst into the charts last year with massive hits Eddie's Song and Ticket Out Of Loserville.
And, in 2004, Kovalic's Dork Storm Press published the Attack of the Political Cartoonists book for the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.
David aeDaiAE Williams, 19, is getting his first taste of pop stardom in the new band Son of Dork formed by ex-Busted member James Bourne.
We outgrow children's stories, go to the movies, and thrill as the dork takes off the spectacles and becomes irresistible.
The direct [human] contribution to sea level rise is much larger than previously believed, so much larger that it competes with other sources of sea-level rise," argues Dork L.
Dork Diaries: How to be a Dork WBD, Rachel Renee Russell 8.
This second installment picks up right where King Dork (Random House, 2006 /VOYA April 2006) leaves off, with major changes altering Chi-Mo's world--not the least of which is his new identity as Thomas Henderson, minus the moniker.
A griptape high-five is a dork trick until you Actually try it.
The Dork trilogy stands witness to the scintillating wit and humor of which he is a master by nature.
I'm such a dork," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
Dork shuffles nervously into brick walled room and waffles incoherently about his ludicrous new traffic sign system.