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DORPSDaylight Overdraft Reporting and Pricing System (US Federal Reserve)
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In The Dorp Black's dramatization of the goings on in a typical South African town sheds light on, as Christopher Heywood (25) says, "a conflict between classes, exacerbated by the concentration of power, land and wealth in a conglomerate of white races.
These groupings--namely, the imperialist colonials, the imperial-minded Afrikaners, the nationalist Afrikaners and, peripherally, the Jews, Indians and the black community--are fictionally represented by characters who are readily recognizable as stock dorp types.
Dorp politics are what we should call in English "parish pump politics," but they have more significance than our local government scandals because they are complicated by and are representative of the racial problems of South Africa.
This type of corruption is revealed to be common practice in the dorp where hypocritical attitudes and behaviour on the part of so-called stalwarts of society appears to be the order of the day.
The reader is made aware of the full extent of the dark undercurrents in the dorp and how repressive social dynamics impact on the minds of townsmen such as the main protagonist, Charlie Hendricks (the newspaper editor), Cyril Stein (the school board secretary), Dap van Zyl (the Volksparty candidate), Johannes Erasmus (the headmaster) and his brother Krisjan.
Although Willemsdorp represents the severest, most artistically achieved, critique of the South African dorp microcosm that was produced during the time, other small-town novels are no less interesting.
Het lukt hem niet zijn dorp te kerstenen, de bevolking valt terug op het oude bijgeloof.
Alleen al om die reden, maar ook omdat ik zo kort in dit dorp kan verblijven, zal ik slechts oppervlakkig kunnen kennisnemen van wat zich in deze gemeenschap afspeelt.