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DOUGDallas Oracle Users Group (Dallas, TX)
DOUGDetroit Oracle Users Group (Michigan)
DOUGDumb Old Utility Guy
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Among the various pump types, many different brands, styles and degrees of quality existed, Doug says.
Doug, what's the worst thing that Dan Bolton from the Supersuckers has done to you?
Villa fans, having watched newsreels from Iraq, have decided that when this decades-old reign comes to an end they will storm the Doug Ellis Stand and the Doug Ellis boardroom, haul down every Doug Ellis statue and deliriously attack all images with the appropriate footwear.
Last year I had the pleasure to walk in the woods with the irrepressible naturalist and teacher Doug Elliott.
Purchasing a building with more space than he currently needs made financial sense to Doug as he could lease a portion of the building to defray expenses.
I have yet to commit rape, incest, violent sodomy, or any other overtly destructive behavior," claims playwright-turned-screenwriter Doug Wright.
Michael intended to drive Doug right to the stand in his 4x4.
Assume the facts are the same as above, except Doug is a limited partner.
On a Friday the 13th in early 1998, 34-year-old Doug Walker of Sarasota was riding a bull in a major Texas rodeo.
Doug is the only cast member who can act, but his hapless behind-the-lens work stifles any comic energy.
Today, Doug applies for lighter jobs--more than 100 so far, he says.
The team, including Doug and me, had been fasting (juice and water only) since Monday and the "meal" was a time of reflection and refocusing.