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DOWDay Of Week
DOWDawn of War (Warhammer 40K, computer game)
DOWDowningtown (Amtrak station code; Downingtown, PA)
DOWDiocese of the West (San Francisco, CA)
DOWDeep Ocean Water
DOWDate Of Withdrawal
DOWDoing It Our Way (blog)
DOWDied Of Wounds
DOWDistribution of Workforce
DOWDogs of War (game)
DOWDepartment of Waterworks (Indiana)
DOWDescription of Work
DOWDate of Warrant
DOWDigital Orthophoto Workstation
DOWData Order Write
DOWDiamonds on Web
DOWDoctors of the World (New York, NY)
DOWDirect Overwrite
DOWDirty Old Woman
DOWDry Operating Weight (aviation)
DOWData Orderwire
DOWDaubechies Orthogonal Wavelet
DOWDefenders of Wildlife
DOWDeclaration of War (military/gaming slang)
DOWDesigner of the Week
DOWDivision of Wildlife
DOWDeck over Wheels (trucking industry)
DOWDoppler On Wheels
DOWData Order Wire
DOWDivision of Work
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His firm, Aronson + Partners, estimated that if Dow Jones had replaced Union Carbide with Microsoft in 1990, the Dow would now be at more than 20,000 instead of the 10,302.
A tall, taciturn Brazilian, he made his bones at Dow dealing with problems like hyperinflation and blocked funds in the wake of Latin America's debt crisis during the early 1980s.
The initial injection molding and extrusion grades that Idemitsu and Dow are sampling include a high-impact SPS blended with 20% rubber, and the same filled with 15% or 30% glass fiber in standard and flame-retardant (UL 94V-0) versions (see table for preliminary properties on some developmental grades).
The new company, which will keep the Dow name and be based in Dow's current home, Midland, Mich.
Dow says the plastomer/elastomer (ethylene/1-octene) materials will compete with PVC, EPR and EVA.
The women, whose implants were made by Dow Corning Corp.
Tested by economic booms and busts, depressions and inflation, the Dow reflects the U.