DOWEDepartment of Wildlife Ecology
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Dowes leads the Black and Whites out - while blonde bombshell Amy cavorts on the sidelines in gold and blue ra-ra skirt, whipping up the Rhinos' support.
It capped a mixed night for Hull boss Richard Agar, who had seen Dowes claim his first try in three years and watched his side defend with spirit and determination.
Mr Dowes came up with the idea as he sat moaning with his mates in his local pub about the rise in 4x4s driven by townies.
Jon Hepworth of Castleford finds a gap between Ewan Dowes (left) and Chris Chester (right) of Hull
Dowes TOTALLY TALLY T agree ALLY agree with Wednesday's Comment of the Day.
THE city of Carlisle may not be at the centre of the rugby league world, but Hull forward Ewan Dowes is doing his best to convert the people of his hometown.
Although he is in the Leeds squad, Dowes is currently sixth in the pecking order of front-row forwards behind Barrie McDermott, Ryan Bailey, Wayne McDonald, Danny Ward and Chris Feather.
Hull's former Leeds star Ewan Dowes could be back by the end of March.
This was always going to be a tough challenge for us, given the amount of injuries we have, and it now looks as if we might have lost Ewan Dowes as well for a while with a knee injury.
30pm on Tuesday when a 17-year-old youth from Whitestone was riding his red Dowes Omega mountain bike in Donnithorne Avenue.
FORMER public schoolboy Ewan Dowes is ready to hand Leeds a sound thrashing tomorrow night.
Former Leeds trio Garreth Carvell, Ewan Dowes and Peter Lupton have also extended their time at the KC Stadium, as has centre Richard Whiting.