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DP2Data Processing Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
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La figura 3 muestra la amplitud del espectrograma para las senales bajo estudio DP1 y DP2.
La superficie de la UP fue mayor (104,6 ha; P<0,05) que DP1, DP2 y similares a la de DP3 y manejaron un numero mayor de vacas (77 vacas; P<0,05) en ordeno que en DP1, DP2 y DP3.
High-ISO images are so noisy that many-a-time it's hard to differentiate between a fuzzy webcam and the DP2 Quattro.
Sigma Corporation of America, a developer and manufacturer of lenses, cameras and flashes, announced on Wednesday the new Merrill series of digital cameras with the introduction of the DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill.
There are no individual jobs, roles or positions in a DP2 structure.
Like its predecessors, the double-hulled, DP2 class 'Polarcus Asima' incorporates many features to enhance performance with improved safety and comfort elements while ensuring minimum emissions.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-27 June 2008-Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA charters DP2 vessel from Vestland Offshore I AS(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The group consisted of approximately 100 Delta retired pilots known as DP2.
Worldwide Computer Products News-1 November 2002-Kodak Professional upgrades DCS Photo Desk and DP2 software (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The DP2 (2-inch diameter) and DP3 (3-inch diameter) mud pumps are both made from heavy sand cast aluminum and outfitted with 4 hp Honda engines with automatic low oil shutdown for your protection.
Under this contract, Mermaid will continue with the provision of offshore inspection, repair and maintenance services using DP2 saturation dive support vessel Mermaid Asiana, while its JV partner will provide additional services and logistics.
Built by Fujian Mawei Shipyard in China, the 75 m Stanford Hawk is a DP2 diesel electric platform supply vessel (PSV) with a deadweight of 3,300 tonne, a FiFi 1 notation and spacious accommodation for a maximum compliment of 52 persons onboard.