DP5Digital Performer 5 (software)
DP5Death Protein 5 (brain research)
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Unfortunately, Danfloss DP5 is not the name of a special agent who carries out emergency quick fixes of domestic boilers.
It's the heating that won't come on, and it won't come on because the DP5 doesn't make that "ping" noise when you increase the temperature setting.
So in an attempt to assuage my shame, I googled Danfloss DP5.
However, to maintain the same training volume, subjects who did not complete 10 repetitions of the second or third sets during the first random protocol (CP, DP5, or DP15) were instructed to repeat the same number of reps during the second and the third protocols.
Differences in HR, SBP, RPP and RPE were assessed using factorial ANOVA; a 3 x 4 design [protocol (CP, DP5, DP15) x time (baseline, first, second, and third sets)] was used for HR, SBP, RPP, and a 3 x 3 design [protocol (CP, DP5, DP15) x time (first, second, and third sets)] was used for RPE.
Moreover, after the second and third sets, HR was higher during CP than both DP5 and DP15 (p < 0.
In the second and third sets, RPP was higher for the CP in comparison to both DP5 and DP15.
However, after DP5, BLa was not significantly higher than DP15.
Between groups comparison revealed that RPP and HR was lower in DP5 and DP15 than CP in the second and third sets of the BP exercise.
BLa analysis showed that BLa values for CP and DP5 were higher than values for DP15; therefore, the stimulation of chemical receptors may have been weaker for CP and DP5.
This required the drilling of 55 more wells from three new wellhead platforms - DP1, DP2 and DP5.