DPAGDunedin Public Art Gallery (New Zealand)
DPAGDairy Permitting Advisory Group (San Joaquin, CA)
DPAGDefense Planning and Advisory Group
DPAGDental Patient Advocacy Group
DPAGDes Plaines Art Guild (Des Plaines, IL)
DPAGDevelopment Plan Action Group
DPAGDeutsche Post AG
DPAGDounreay Particles Advisory Group (Scottish Environment Protection Agency; UK)
DPAGDepartment of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (UK)
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Their maturity period was arranged at 5 years and at maturity investors had a right to exchange them for the DPAG shares at 19,38 [euro] with a conversion premium amounted at 12%.
The securities could be exchanged for the DPAG shares throughout the entire maturity period, starting from the first interest payment date (the end of July 2010).
In addition, the principal, interest and purchase price of the 2007 bonds is guaranteed by DPAG.
In 2002, the Commission investigated the public financing of DPAG and found that the company used public funds - which were intended to compensate for universal service costs - to finance a rebate pricing policy in its door-to-door parcel business.
The Commission will now investigate all public measures which were granted since 1989 in favour of DPAG, and its predecessor Postdienst, and determine whether DPAG was overcompensated.
To attempt to provide a point of departure for an answer to these questions, it will be well first to list those passages in which the latter refers to indigenous Tibetan doctrinal (and praxis-oriented) entities and correlate these with the virtually identical statements in DPAG and KHA:
Excepting the variant readings in BSOD-X/M, the narrative found in KHA 23a is identical to the above - instead of gdan gcig pa it reads stan gcig pa - and these ultimately go back to the same passage in DPAG 69b-70a.
19-20) and the cognate passages in DPAG and KHA suggest that 'Jig rten mgon po first invited Sakyasri to Dbus, to Bri khung, when he had just arrived in central Tibet and was sojourning in Khro phu monastery in 1204.
Lastly, Bsod nams dpal bzang po's biography, DPAG, and KHA contain two interesting items that go beyond their immediate geographic and cultural frame.
DPAG unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed to the Trustee, for the benefit of the bondholders, full and timely payment of semi-annual interest, principal and premium when the bonds come due, whether at the stated maturity, by acceleration, or call for redemption, and in the event of a failure of any responsible party (DHL Worldwide Express, Inc.
It was a subsidiary of Securicor until 1998, when Securicor and DPAG took joint control of it.
The BPO gave numerous examples of situations where DPAG has refused to deliver to German addressees bulk mailings coming in from the UK, unless the BPO agreed to pay the full domestic tariff applicable in Germany.