DPEIDepartment for Productivity Energy and Industry
DPEIDosage Pesage Emballage Industrie (French: Dosage Weighing Packaging Industry)
DPEIDirection des Politiques Économique et Internationale (French: Directorate of International Economic and Political)
DPEIDivision of Preparedness and Emerging Infections (US CDC)
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The most effective benefits of the DPEI solution stem directly from the Pro2Serve business model:
Because DPEI works through close attention to a school's needs, its strategy fits in well with recommendations from Harvard's Graduate School of Education.
DPEI provides professional scientists, engineers, mathematicians and linguists to teach on a "course by course" basis within their areas of expertise where school systems are unable to find traditionally certified full-time educators.
The DPEI has established that it meets the schools' requirements and students' needs in a cost effective manner," says Dr.