DPESDaily Price Estimation System (cotton price calculator)
DPESDaniel Pratt Elementary School (Prattville, AL)
DPESData Processing Equipment and Software (Montana State University)
DPESDiamond Path Elementary School (Apple Valley, MN)
DPESDocument de Politique Économique et Social (French: Document Economic and Social Policy; Sénégal)
DPESDoctoral Program in Economics and Statistics (Free University of Brussels; Belgium)
DPESDivision des Personnels de l'Enseignement Secondaire (French: Division of Personnel of Secondary Education)
DPESDiplôme Préparatoire a l'Enseignement Supérieur (French: Preparatory Diploma of Higher Education)
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Although episodic engagement is fairly pro forma, under DPES, a series of skills-based disaster preparedness table exercises with train-the-trainer modules could be developed for DOD-wide use to support disaster preparedness game planning and bilateral operational harmonization.
Finally, DPES must include the development of measures of effectiveness for both the Office of the Secretary of Defense, related to accomplishment of DOD-wide goals for disaster preparedness initiatives, and for the combatant commands, which require well-defined, user-friendly evaluation and measurement tools to assess their partner-nation disaster preparedness engagements, U.
DPES studies are based on face to face interviews using probability samples of Dutch population, typically conducted in at least two waves--before and after parliamentary elections.
Partisanship or party attachment is a pre-defined variable in the DPES data which combines answers to a set of questions about partisanship.
Findings from the 2006 DPES study confirm the basic elements of the integrative model.
In order to examine to what extent the obtained relationships represent more general tendencies, rather than specific features of the 2006 DPES data-set, the same structural analysis is performed using the 2002 and 1998 data.
Testing the model in samples other than the 2006 DPES sample provided overall support for the initial model.
Variable names correspond to those in the newly released 1971-2006 Cumulative DPES data-file, and the corresponding codebook (Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies Data Source Book 1971-2006, DANS, 2009).
10) I performed additional validations of the theoretical model using DPES data sets from other election years, but with incomplete sets of variables.
While acknowledging that it was still early days for the system, with the E and SD completing only its second monthly evaluation of schools in the province, Suhail stressed that DPES was not only helping them to expedite progress on key indicators of the education sector plan but also in identifying areas where additional efforts were required.
We are focusing on lowest performing districts and making sure their performance is improved and at the moment, 14 Districts have improved their performance compared to the first DPES results in December,' the additional secretary said.
The objective of DPES is to assess district performance on key education indicators in line with education sector plan and to introduce a reward mechanism for better performance.