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DPFDiesel Particulate Filter
DPFDigital Photo Frame
DPFDepartamento de Polícia Federal (Federal Police Agency - Brazil)
DPFDrug Policy Foundation
DPFDisplacement Power Factor
DPFDays Post Fertilization
DPFDuang Prateep Foundation (Thailand)
DPFDiscrete Packet Format
DPFDansk Petanque Forbund
DPFDiscretionary Participation Feature (finance, accounting, insurance)
DPFDental Practitioners' Formulary
DPFDeadly Physical Force
DPfDaniel Pearl Foundation
DPFDisciples Peace Fellowship
DPFDigital Policy Forum
DPFDifferential Pressure Feedback (automotive)
DPFDatabase Partition Feature (data storage)
DPFDynamic Packet Filtering
DPFDual Power Feed (AT&T)
DPFData Path Function
DPFDynamic Pressure Feedback
DPFDynamic Protocol Filtering (IBM, technique used by MSS to dynamically assign membership in a PVLAN)
DPFDemocratic Professionals Forum
DPFDynamic Penalty Function
DPFDynamic Power Flatness (Agilent)
DPFDynamic Policy File (retail systems)
DPFDabalarovhiwa Patriotic Front (South Africa)
DPFDeepaloka Foundation (Sri Lanka)
DPFDiffusion Prestation Fiabilité (French: Diffusion Delivery Reliability; packaging company)
DPFDécoupe de Précision à Fil (French: Precision Wire Cutting)
DPFDélégué aux Prestations Familiales (French: Delegate to Family Benefits)
DPFDiffusion de la Pensée Française (French: Dissemination of French Thought; publishing company)
DPFDownloaded Program File (computing)
DPFDesarmaux Père et Fils (French industrial subcontracting company)
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DPF will help end users make such a transition by encouraging property developers and brokers to offer the best deals and help the tenants to buy properties instead of continuing to rent.
Bin Mejren concluded: "To encourage new buyers and investors to the real estate sector, I am delighted to announce the launch of DPF in order to provide everyone with the right environment for choosing the best properties offered, finding the best prices, and making the best deals with real estate brokers and developers.
Much in the same way that retailers leverage the Dubai Shopping Festival, developers could do the same with the DPF," said Anuj Jain, head of sales operations at Sobha, which has ongoing projects at MBR City.
Frank Kelly, professor of Environmental Health at King's College, London, said: "A car with a DPF removed has a particulate count 20 times higher than one with it.
Operating a DPF demands thorough knowledge as the load profiles are completely different depending on the equipment in which the engine is installed, and an intelligent heat management system is needed in order to be able to burn off the particles collected in the DPF.
The DPF will express concern at the imposition of Home Office fitness standards on the MoD police and demand Government action to change the retirement age of officers currently expected to work into their mid-60s.
Low ash oils and advanced engine technology can aid in lowering input rates of lubricant derived ash in the exhaust, but over time ash is bound to accumulate in the DPF.
The simplest solution is to remove these devices from the vehicle under test [13], but the removal of such a vital system component can have significant influences beyond the emissions it is designed to reduce - in the case of a DPF this would significantly reduce engine back pressure and pumping losses.
Thereafter, during the regeneration phase, DPF soot mass estimation with carbon balance, based on CO emission, was also compared to weighed mass.
John Deere adopted DPF technology as part of an integrated emission control system, because it is the best solution for most applications," said John Piasecki, director of marketing, sales and customer support for John Deere Power Systems.
Diesel cars are all fitted with a diesel particulate filter or DPF to reduce the amount of harmful stuff that leaves the exhaust.