DPFCDirection de la Pédagogie et de la Formation Continue (French: Directorate of Teaching and Continuing Education; Ivory Coast)
DPFCDurham's Partnership for Children (Durham, NC)
DPFCDame Phyllis Frost Centre (Australia)
DPFCDifferential Pressure Flow Computer (Kessler-Ellis)
DPFCDelta Plus Formation Conseil (French: Delta Plus Training Consulting)
DPFCDiffusion de Pièces Froids et Chauds (French: Distribution of Hot and Cold Parts)
DPFCDigital Pressure and Flow Control
DPFCDefense Program Field Council
DPFCDance Point Fitness Centre (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
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Of the 27 DPFC participants, five lived in 'protection', that is, a unit separated from the mainstream prison population.
One of the authors also interviewed the Education Manager at DPFC and the Campus Manager (of Education) at Tarrengower) The managers were asked what subjects were offered through the education programmes, how these were funded, what priorities existed in terms of educating women in prison and whether staff encountered difficulties in providing education.
We have noted that vocational training and employment are emphasized in prison education policy and at DPFC and Tarrengower.
From a manager's perspective, the Education Manager at DPFC also appreciates the significance of offering courses that build self-esteem, yet may not be linked to employment outcomes.
For a number of the women at DPFC, self-esteem was also linked to their relationships with education staff, in particular to the staff's belief in their capacity to do the study they want to do.
This is supported by the Education Manager at DPFC who comments:
This is understood by the Education Manager at DPFC who comments:
According to the DPFC Education Manager, 'the women don't see themselves in that [breadwinner] light, they see themselves as I'm the missus, it's almost archaic but how they see themselves is I'll go back and I'll look after the family and he'll go out and get the job.
Los hallazgos radiologicos en la DPFC son la presencia de calculos situados a la derecha de la primera y segunda vertebra lumbar.
The parties have agreed that on June 30, 2002 the Noteholders will purchase the stock of DPFC from the Company for a nominal amount and that the Company will continue to act as servicer for the life insurance policies held by DPFC for $18,000 per month through the purchase date.
In the first quarter of 1998, the $801,000 loss realized by DPFC was charged against the reserve and, therefore, was not reflected in the net loss.
Upon the retirement of the securitized notes issued by DPFC, the Company will recognize a gain in an amount approximately equal to any accumulated deficit reflected at that time on DPFC's balance sheet.