DPFPDouble Precision Floating Point
DPFPDisabled Persons' Freedom Pass (UK)
DPFPdistortion product frequency profile
DPFPDon't Play for Points (gaming)
DPFPDiaphragm and Pelvic Floor Piston (healthcare)
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The city received an actuarial analysis of the DPFP plan performed by Deloitte Consulting LLP.
The fiscal 2018 budget-year one of a biennial budget adopted by the city for the first time-is operationally balanced despite materially larger DPFP pension contributions.
However, the increasing annual pension contributions that are mandated by the reforms to both the ERF and DPFP plans will challenge the city's budget management practices for the foreseeable future.
Before applying the beam forming algorithm, a calibration is necessary for the DPFP antenna ports.
During the calibrations, the received signals from different ports of the DPFP antenna are measured using the LeCroy 104Xi oscilloscope, The received signals are digitized and transformed, using FFT, into frequency domain, resulting in the channel transfer function denoted by [H.
It should be pointed out that the channels mentioned here refer to a chain of components: dipole antenna, free propagation path, the DPFP antenna system and the receiver, which are located between the two reference planes, i.
0]([theta],[phi]) arrives at the DPFP antenna, as shown in Figure 6, the received signals at Ports [A.
Based on the parameters provided by Figures 1 and 3, the proposed DPFP antenna is simulated using the commercial software SEMCAD [18].
Therefore, only a single polarized radiation pattern of the DPFP antenna is needed to see the performance.
The first-order radiation patterns of the DPFP antenna at 1.
Thus, the trajectory of the measurement points and the DPFP aperture center make together a cone with apex at the aperture center and measurement points on the perimeter.
We have presented a compact broadband four-port DPFP antenna, in which we designed the antenna structure, measured the parameters and validated a beam forming algorithm.