DPGDSDeployable Power Generation and Distribution System
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The DPGDS is an air transportable electrical power generation and distribution system that provides electrical power for military operations or humanitarian missions ranging from a small, isolated outpost to a fully operational, forward deployed U.
The Air Force Operational Testing and Evaluation Command, which is conducting the testing, invited all DPGDS stakeholders.
Although the DPGDS equipment is very similar to existing prime-power equipment, it will still require a major change in the mission-essential collective tasks and potentially in primepower doctrine.
He served as the Project NCO for power-plant operation at the Task Force Eagle base camp and was the DPGDS liaison for the 249th Engineer Battalion.
Under the contract, DRS will provide primary power and secondary distribution equipment for the DPGDS program to support numerous Air Force flight line operations, industrial support facilities, and overall garrison functions for a semi-permanent deployed force.
The 840-Kilowatt DPGDS Power Unit was designed as a replacement for the previous 750-Kilowatt power generator.
Components are designed to be interoperable with existing equipment, which are to be phased our gradually as the new DPGDS elements are fielded, he said.
The DPGDS are lightweight, fuel-efficient, high power density units providing high reliability and maintainability.