DPGDSDeployable Power Generation and Distribution System
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5 million under the 10-year DPGDS contract since commencing the estimated $300 million production phase of the program approximately two years ago.
The Air Force Operational Testing and Evaluation Command, which is conducting the testing, invited all DPGDS stakeholders.
Under the contract, DRS will provide primary power and secondary distribution equipment for the DPGDS program to support numerous Air Force flight line operations, industrial support facilities, and overall garrison functions for a semi-permanent deployed force.
We strongly believe that the DPGDS provides an advanced, state of the art power generation capability for use in providing prime power under austere conditions.
Components are designed to be interoperable with existing equipment, which are to be phased our gradually as the new DPGDS elements are fielded, he said.
The lifting of the stop work order involves 30 PPUs in various stages of production under the DPGDS contract and allows for the completion of production and/or retrofit work to address the previously identified and resolved system reliability issues.
The DPGDS are lightweight, fuel-efficient, high power density units providing high reliability and maintainability.
The third quarter's financial results continued to reflect the impact of production delays on the DPGDS program, a large, mobile power generation system used by military forces deployed around the globe.
As discussed on the call, in partnership with its military customers and key subcontractors, the Company is continuing to address the underlying causes of performance issues with the primary power units, a key component of the DPGDS, and is in the process of implementing a remediation plan which it expects will result in recommencement of full rate production of the program once testing is completed early in the fourth quarter of 2005.
Reduced profit contributions during the recently completed quarter from the DPGDS program were largely offset by net earnings growth in the Company's other existing business areas combined with the inclusion of results for the recent acquisitions of PCA and Spacelink.
The current award brings the total DPGDS equipment ordered to date under this multi-year program to $230.
Radian) subsidiary located in Alexandria, Virginia, bring the total value of the DPGDS contract to $205.