DPGEDiffuse Pachymeningeal Gadolinium Enhancement
DPGEDouble Phenol/Guanidinium Extraction
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One other purpose of this new measure is to reduce FGC's high exposure to the DPGE I program (BRL26.
At the same time, Fitch also highlights its concern with the possible effects of this new DPGE II program.
In Fitch's view, the DPGE must be used as a contingency line to be accessed only in times of increased volatility and economic uncertainty, rather than merely as a recurring funding source, or as part of a bank's business model.
The need to find sustainable and proper sources of funding and not rely on external aid from special programs such as DPGE remains a challenge for those banks; a weakness already reflected in the agency's ratings for a number of years.
Fitch also considers important for improved transparency that information on the use of DPGE lines and related guarantees pledged to FGC be disclosed to the market and detailed in the banks' financial statements.
Gradual reduction and elimination of DPGE limits, reflect the fact that it should be a contingency line and not a generic funding source for growth:
Implemented at the height of the liquidity crisis seen in 2008 as a funding contingency aimed principally at supporting wholesale funded banks, DPGE served this role very well while assisting the liquidity needs of system during this difficult period.
Nevertheless, small and medium-sized banks continued to use DPGE as a funding instrument for growth after liquidity from traditional sources became available again during 1H'09.
Total DPGE issued in the market has continued growing after the crisis, from BRL10billion in June 2009 to BRL18billion in December 2010.
1, 2012, the DPGE limit each Brazilian bank has at its disposal.
The FGC's creation of a new deposit scheme in April 2009, called DPGE - Time Deposit with Special Guarantee, with a higher insurance coverage (up to BRL20 million per time deposit, versus BRL60,000 for regular deposits per depositor), was one of the most effective actions to solve banks' liquidity problems.