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DPHDepartment of Public Health
DPHDiploma in Public Health (various schools)
DPHDroguerie, Parfumerie, Hygiène (French: Pharmacy, Perfumery, Hygiene)
DPHDiphenylhydantoin (drug)
DPHDelivery, Processing and Handling (automobile fee)
DPHDoctor of Public Health
DPHData Parallel Haskell (Glasgow Haskell Compiler extension)
DPHDoctor of Pharmacy
DPHDoctor of Philosophy
DPHDiamond Pyramid Hardness
DPHDan z Pridané Hodnoty (Czech: Value Added Tax)
DPHDavid Powers Homes (Texas)
DPHDomaine Patrick Hudelot (French winegrower)
DPHDressing Placard Harmonie (French: Dressing Closet Harmony)
DPHDéveloppement Personnel Harmonie (French: Personal Development Harmony; Switzerland)
DPHDistributeur Produits d'Hygiène (French: Distributor of Hygiene Products)
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Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is indicating that the flu season may be peaking at the national level, DPH cannot say whether Delaware has peaked yet.
0 Symptomatic, DPH case-patients Participant 2000-2014, n = 116 Age, y, mean [+ or -] SEM 56.
EAMS consists of four components: 1) an online query capability designed to enable emergency departments to search EAMS by name and date of birth to quickly determine whether a patient is enrolled in active monitoring, 2) a traveler component that facilitates the online recording of daily symptom data, 3) a public health component that allows DPH epidemiologists to manage travelers throughout their active monitoring period, and 4) a reporting component that provides summary statistics, the capability to produce a line list of travelers, and a summary report to assist with weekly reporting to CDC.
Thirty-nine additional opioid-related overdose deaths in 2013 were not listed as unintentional by DPH.
By 3 DPH the clear posterior finfold tip is conspicuous relative to the rest of the body, which is largely yellow.
The temporal sequence of clinical symptoms and concomitant elevations in hepatic enzymes strongly suggest that DPH may have initiated the hepatic damage, but that TMP-SMZ was responsible for the patient's fulminant hepatic failure.
Delta's standard rack-based modular design of the Modulon DPH allows vertical scaling up from 25kw to 200kw according to power requirements," said Dr.
Twenty fish were sampled randomly from each cage on 14, 19, 24, 29, 34, 39, 44, and 51 DPH to be measured, after being slightly anesthetized with MS-222 (70 mg [l.
At the same time, the incoming Baker administration should carefully review not only the leadership of the DPH, but any employees still there whose responsibility it was to act upon the information about NECC's obvious and repeated shortcomings.
The few steps that DPH has undertaken to address the issue of the spread of STDs in the adult film industry amounts to 'just talk,'" said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
DPH has dragged its feet in response to public-records requests, and has refused to provide a complete copy of a report that examines the legal implications of votes taken at meetings where a quorum was not present.
The larvae received their dosages of LZ feed three times daily from 10 to 23 DPH, and twice daily from 24 to 59 DPH.