DPIP2,6-Dichlorophenol-Indophenol (biology, electron accepting compound used for dye reduction experiments in plants)
DPIPDistinguished Partner in Progress (award)
DPIPDistrict Poverty Initiatives Program (India)
DPIPDigital Production and Integration Program (Yale University Library; New Haven, CT)
DPIPDental Practice Insurance Program (UK)
dPIPDistal Tracheal Peak Inspiratory Pressure (pulmonary medicine)
DPIPDirection de la Programmation des Investissements Publics (French: Directorate of Public Investment Programming; Ivory Coast)
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The rate of conversion and the final conversion of IPA to DPIP was monitored so as to optimize the residence time in the reactor.
At low conversions of IPA to DPIP, the molecules are polar because of the large number of acid end groups present.
The conversion of the DPIP to polyarylate is shown below.