DPITDivision Production Ingénierie Thermique (French: Thermal Engineering Production Division; Electricité de France)
DPITDesignated Profile Interoperability Tester
DPITDiploma of Information Technology (University of Southern Queensland; Australia)
DPITDivision of Public and Intermodal Transportation (Illinois Department of Transportation)
DPITDay Post Intratracheal
DPITDavid Pieris Information Technologies (Sri Lanka)
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Total quantity or scope: Market benefits pumping cleaning industrial cleaning process including waste disposal - DPIT - UP Cordemais (44).
With 400 projects under way, Leaman and his team at DPITS develop applications ranging from sorting mail and bar coding to monitoring movements of container cargo and airfreight.
1 has been submitted to the BLUETOOTH(TM) Qualification Review Board (BQRB) for final DPITS designation.
9) recommends that DPITS be used for interoperability testing on products being qualified to BLUETOOTH Specification v.